Wednesday, October 27

1600 clapped for Åsane’s dream night: – A perfect start

Everything went well for Åsane’s band on Wednesday night: new stadium, folk festival and victory against Sogndal.

Full stands and full pot for Åsane. It was a dream start with the magnificent new Åsane Arena facilities.


Arena Åsane: Roald Bruun-Hanssen, CEO of Åsane Arena, smiled so hard it must hurt his jaw.

Gorm Natlandsmyr, CEO of Åsane Football, seemed no less proud.

– I am very grateful that we have this facility. And very happy on behalf of football here and in the rest of the city, says Bruun-Hanssen.

He continues:

– Because it is a magnificent installation that can bring a tremendous amount of inspiration.

The magnificent installation opened with a magnificent score and in the powerful main grandstand most of the 1,659 people sat and cheered.

Åsane’s first home game was what the club had hoped for. There was no rain or loss. There was a queue for the kiosk, but no more than habitable.

Here Ryan Doghman scores the only goal of the opening game.

– Perfect

– A perfect start, says the Natlandsmyr club coach after the 1-0 win against Sogndal.

The goal was delicious and scored by Ryan Doghman before the break.

– What turns me on the most is meeting people who have been in the club since the seventies or eighties, who come and thank me for having this facility. Many years of passionate souls who seem moved, he adds.

Natlandsmyr himself took office just over two years ago. With a new stadium, he is the leader of a club with completely different framework conditions.

– Originally this is not my club. I am one of those who have come to do a job. But it’s worth all the hours, says Natlandsmyr during the night out.

Brann posed with all of his leaders. Vibeke Johannesen was joined by soccer agent Jim Solbakken at the match.
Åsane Arena General Manager Roald Bruun-Hanssen (central defender) watched the game from the top of the stands. There was also Marketing Director Atle Berntsen (right).

In the hours leading up to the match, you could feel more than just the players’ match nerves. Was there life in wireless networks? Futt in the spotlight? The banking terminals?

– The most essential seems to have worked, says Natlandsmyr.

– What has made you the most nervous?

– It was until six in the afternoon that technical things should not work. Since the beginning of the match, I have been nervous, as always, about whether we will win.

It worked, everything. Just over a month before Åsane Football turns 50, as both Bruun-Hanssen and Sports Councilor Endre Tvinnereim (Labor Party) pointed out, the club’s new great hall is ready.

– We celebrate today, says Tvinnereim, before the talk continues about the size of the facilities and the excellence of the spotlights.

Håkon Lorentzen was fine, but only came close to scoring against Sogndal.

Mohn on vacation

Various profiles of local football were present, from Mons Ivar Mjelde to Eirik Horneland. Brann posed with all the bosses and explores Per-Ove Ludvigsen. With them in the entourage, they had Norway’s top soccer agent, Jim Solbakken, one of many in the profession.

But one person was missing: Trond Mohn. The one who financed it all was on vacation.

– We’d like to have him here, says Natlandsmyr.

In any case, the summary was simple for Roald Bruun-Hanssen, high in the stands, to the sound of the spectators applauding that they were finally able to sit in Åsane’s match with a roof over their heads.

– It has been a fantastic day, a great event and only positive experiences, says Bruun-Hanssen.

Åsane is now number nine in the 1st division, four points behind last place, giving him promotion qualification.

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