Wednesday, October 20

LO tops disappointed. Demand that the Støre government find solutions to the left.

– It may be a bit more demanding to overcome the biggest problems for a new government, says LO leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik, after SV’s march from the polls on a new government.

LO leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik and union leader Mette Nord brief Labor leader Jonas Gahr Støre on the search for political solutions on the left. Here from the mighty cooperation committee last week.

LO leader “regrets SV is leaving”.

– We have always worked for a government made up of the three parties. Then I would add that we have had good contact with SV for a long time and will continue to do so. And I’m glad Lysbakken is so clear that SV wants a Labor-led government in the future, says Hessen Følsvik.

She, the leader of Fellesforbundet, Jørn Eggum, and Mette Nord, leader of LO’s largest union, Fagforbundet, sit on the central board of Aps. Labor leader Jonas Gahr Støre does not make strategic decisions without anchoring him in all three. Both LO, Fagforbundet and Fellesforbundet have donated money to the Labor Party, the Socialist People’s Party and the Socialist People’s Party and wanted a tripartite government.

– We are disappointed. We have had the expectation of a tripartite government with the red-green parties. We are disappointed that it was not possible to achieve it in this round, says Mette Nord.

– What should happen now?

– Now the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party must continue negotiating. It is important to put in place a policy that carries out a cleanup of Norwegian working life, reverses anti-social cuts, guarantees a working life with full permanent jobs, says no to privatization and increasing class divisions. It’s important, she says.

– Very clear requirements

The union organizes about 400,000 workers in health, education, service occupations and transportation, occupations that people often think of as “ordinary people.” Nord expects a left turn even if SV does not join the government.

– They are expected to cooperate with SV in the Storting on the budget. It’s natural, she says.

– Should the Støre government seek solutions and negotiate from the left?

– Yes, it was a very clear objective in the electoral campaign to provoke a change of course. It can only take place in the center-left. Not to the center right.

Is there any warning to a Labor-SP government against making deals on the right?

– We have had very clear demands in the electoral campaign and for the government platform.

– What will be the consequences of SV being out now?

– It will be a minority and not a majority government. They become dependent on cooperation in the Storting to get the budget approved. It will be a different situation in the Storting than if there had been a majority in the Storting.

– Does it harm the Labor Party and the trade union movement?

– We had our demands on our members. 70 percent of our members want a tripartite government. In this sense, we must affirm that it is not possible to achieve it.

– For the Labor Party, it was also an objective to achieve a majority government with SV. Now our progress and the policy that is being applied will be very important, says Nord.

– Good solutions for workers

The LO leader emphasizes that “there is a large majority in the Storting in favor of a policy other than the right-wing government, and that it will safeguard the interests of workers in the future.”

– I have high hopes that the left will find good solutions that benefit workers.

Do you demand that the Støre government look for solutions from the left?

– This is the mandate that the voters have given to Støre and the red-green parties. We have won a large majority on the left and I have great confidence that Støre will have an impact on the problems of ordinary workers in the future.

– Is the SV march away from Labor and LO?

– I don’t think it hurts. But it can be a bit more demanding to get through the bigger cases, says the LO leader.

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