Wednesday, October 20

SAS establishes new subsidiary – E24

Also, the airline changes the name of an existing subsidiary, write DN.

SAS aircraft of the type Airbus A320neo at Bergen Flesland airport.

  • Fredrick Chr. Ekeseth


The airline SAS changes the name of SAS Ireland to SAS Connect, and establishes the subsidiary SAS Link, formerly known as the project name ‘SAS Midsize’, he writes

DN, which refers to an internal report at SAS on Tuesday.

According to the newspaper, the fired pilots and the cabin crew must reapply for jobs in these companies.

Both Connect and Link will have crews hired by personnel company CAE Parc Aviation, and then they will get jobs directly at SAS companies themselves, according to DN.

Both companies will have their own planes and crews stationed in the larger SAS hub, where Copenhagen is the first out.

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