Wednesday, October 27

SMK Employee Charged After Using Government Apartment

The Prime Minister’s Office has denounced a former employee on suspicion of using a suburban house without the law. The case arose in connection with the Aftenposten disclosures.

The government has several apartments at its disposal in Oslo, including here on Gimle terrasse in Frogner.

A former employee of the Prime Minister’s Office (SMK) is under investigation for unjustified profit. Police have charged the man with serious financial infidelity. Was VG who first reported the case.

It was SMK itself that reported the matter after Aftenposten’s revelations about the politicians’ homes. SMK contacted the police when they suspected a crime had been committed.

The Oslo police confirm the accusation to Aftenposten.

– We are investigating a former employee of the Prime Minister’s Office of Economic Infidelity. It comes after a report from the prime minister’s office, says section leader Rune Skjold in the Oslo police district.

According to him, the review came “a few weeks ago.”

– How was the relationship that led to the review discovered?

– We do not want to go into details about the content of the case for the sake of the investigation. But I can say that the person in question has cooperated, says Skjold.

Police: must have lasted “a few years”

The Prime Minister’s office has several apartments in the center of Oslo. Ministers, political advisers and secretaries of state can apply for traveler housing if they live more than 25 miles away.

SMK employees are not entitled to accommodation for travelers. The man who is now charged was a clerk at SMK.

– The defendant has chosen to resign his position in the office and resigned with immediate effect, writes Anne Kristin Hjukse, SMK’s communications manager, in an email to VG.

The section leader, Rune Skjold, of the Oslo police, does not want to answer whether the defendant should have rented the apartment or disposed of it himself, but emphasizes that the man is supposed to have “obtained a financial benefit from the act” .

Police expect to complete the investigation by Christmas.

– We hope we can finalize when we find out how big the amount is, says Skjold.

– How long should this have been going on?

– I do not want to go into details, but it is a few years back in time.

Skjold claims that the police have secured digital leads, but will not say more about what kind of track it is or what platforms or equipment it is taken from.

Rune Skjold heads the Special Legislation and Finance Investigation Section at the Oslo Police.

Fire assists the accused

Attorney John Christian Elden confirms to VG that he is assisting a former SMK clerk.

Article 391 of the Penal Code, which indicts the person in question, deals with serious financial infidelity with up to six years in prison as the maximum penalty.

Paragraph 390 states that “Whoever acts against the interests of others that he controls or supervises, with the intention of obtaining an unjustified gain for himself or others or to harm, will be sanctioned with a fine or imprisonment of up to 2 years”.

SMK: – There is no indication that the office is involved.

SMK’s communications manager emphasizes to VG that there are no other suspects in the case.

– It is important for us to emphasize that only the accused are investigated. There is no indication that others in the office were involved, write in the email to VG.

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