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Worried about Oslo without SV in government

Oslo’s leader SV Sunniva Holmås Eidsvoll believes that Oslo may lose significant traction without SV in government.

Oslo’s leader SV Sunniva Holmås Eidsvoll believes it would have been better for Oslo with SV in government.

On Wednesday it became known that SV is breaking government polls with the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party. The party says they haven’t had enough of an impact on climate, nature and redistribution.

– It’s a very disappointing day, says Oslo leader SV Sunniva Holmås Eidsvoll to Aftenposten.

She will not go into detail about which individual cases caused SV to withdraw.

– We have always said that it is within the environment, climate and fair distribution that it is important to achieve a powerful policy. When there is now a gap, it is obvious that it is within these fields that not enough has been achieved, he says.

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Information for Aftenposten: SV was surprised at how little the Labor Party was willing to give on fiscal policy.

Fear less for greenhouse gas and collective cuts

Eidsvoll believes that SV’s departure is also bad news for Oslo.

– I am afraid that a policy will be followed that does not invest enough to reduce greenhouse gases and invest in public transport, he says.

He is also concerned about whether a government without the SV will have a policy “powerful enough” to end differences.

– We fear that there is no willingness to redistribute enough in taxes, from those who are very wealthy to those with the lowest income, says Eidsvoll.

SV in Oslo has three clear demands from Oslo for a new government: help to achieve a fairer housing policy, a push for public transport, and more traction to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

– We also need more investment in welfare reforms that can reduce the gaps, he says.

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To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the party is demanding more state support to carry out the carbon capture and storage project in Klemetsrud. They are also calling for more measures to reduce emissions from heavy transport.

SV wants the state to fully fund the new metro tunnel in Oslo, as the state does with the railway. Eidsvoll points out that the subway carries more passengers per year than the railroad across the country.

He does not believe this will happen without SV in government.

– It is now more realistic to expect an increase in government contributions to Oslo’s public transport, he says.

The Oslo City Council has decided to invest in non-commercial housing in a so-called third housing sector. To achieve this, Eidsvoll believes that it is important for the government to change the law so that municipalities can order developers to regulate non-commercial housing in new projects. Municipalities should also have the opportunity to have higher taxes on rental housing. In addition, the Housing Bank must be strengthened, says Eidsvoll.

Oslo Labor leader Frode Jacobsen believes there is no reason to worry about Oslo, even if SV does not join the new government.

Oslo Labor Party: – Will maintain a close dialogue with the new government.

Oslo Labor Party leader Frode Jacobsen says he is sad that SV is leaving the polls.

He also denies that it will lead to worse Oslo policy.

– I see someone concerned about Oslo in this. But in the Labor Party, of course, we will actively work with a new government to implement the best possible policy for Oslo. The city council wants a good dialogue with the government, he says.

Councilman Raymond Johansen is very reserved in his comment.

– The Labor Party wanted a tripartite government, unfortunately it did not work. I wish Jonas good luck in the important job of giving Norway a good new government, he writes in a press release.

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