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– I don’t see what you’re trying

Several Spanish newspapers seem to trust his case: Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman (58) lives on borrowed time. TV 2 commentator Mina Finstad Berg (31) believes that the crisis is deeper than the Dutch coach.

UNDER PRESSURE: Ronald Koeman suffered another Champions League defeat with Barcelona on Wednesday night.

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– This is the result of years of poor planning, weak transition windows, salary policy, and manager changes. Summen is a club in crisis, he tells VG.

Barcelona are off to a nightmare start to this year’s Champions League. It has been 21 years since the big club last opened the group stage game with two losses, the latest being an embarrassing 0-3 loss for Benfica on Wednesday night.

Several Spanish newspapers dedicate covers and columns to the great loss and manager Ronald Koeman the next day.

– The best thing is to go, writes the commentator in Mark Ramiro Aldunate on the future of Koeman.

Koeman has tactical deficiencies and cannot change games from the bench. In a normal world, the Dutchman had been fired in a few hours, but Barcelona has stopped living in a normal world a long time ago, the commentator also writes.

“Hanging from the ropes,” says Mundo Deportivo.

“This is a nightmare,” says Sport.

“Koeman is blowing up in Lisbon” sounds dramatic The country, who also believes that Koeman’s days at the Camp Nou are numbered.

Barcelona will also be reviewed in Benfica’s home country.

“Catalan Hell” is the verdict of a Portuguese newspaper.

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The Barcelona crisis continues: progress is hanging by a thread

Finstad Berg, like several Spanish media, believes that Koeman lives on borrowed time. In addition to a meaningless start to the Champions League, Barcelona have also had mixed results in the national league. Koeman was hired last summer as the club’s third manager in three years, but he’s lucky to impress.

Now the pressure on the Dutch coach is greater than ever.

– They lack a plan, an identity. I don’t see what Koeman is trying to do. Against Granada, they had 45 places, but not a good header on the field, says Finstad Berg

– The question is not only if I should go, but who can enter and if they can afford to fire Koeman. They paid a lot to pay for the contract with the Dutch Football Association and they do not have the money to pay it, he continues.

Finstad Berg points out that the coach is far from being Barcelona’s only problem. On Wednesday, the radio channel published FRONT FACING figures on the salary caps of La Liga clubs. They illustrate the fall of Barcelona.

Last year the club had NOK 382.7 million available to pay players. Now there are only 97.9 million on the same account. That makes a difference of 285 million crowns and says a lot about why Barcelona felt compelled to let go of club legend Lionel Messi.

– This crisis is very deep. There are so many things, not just sports. With the salary cap that was announced, you can see how deep the economic crisis is and how dependent they were on getting rid of the players this summer. It has enormously little leeway, and they will have it for a long time, says Finstad Berg.

Soccer expert and TV 2 commentator Mina Finstad Berg.

By comparison, Real Madrid’s salary cap is 7.5 times higher. A total of six clubs have more salary money to spend than Barcelona. Financial problems cannot be solved in a jiffy, and Finstad Berg believes that Barcelona fans should prepare for problems over a longer period of time.

– They must prepare for a new daily life. Messi camouflaged himself a lot, and although they still have several good players, we must prepare for a mid-season in which trophies are forgotten. The appearance of the future depends entirely on the steps you take now, you think.

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