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Nine months ago, Mariell (23) feared that her career was over. Now you can take the World Cup medal.

A fatigue fracture in both hips put her out of action for several months. But now Mariell Gaassand Straume is ready to fight.

Not long ago, kickboxer Mariell Gaassand Straume took gold at the World Cup in Budapest. Soon it will be the World Cup.

– Well! Put your whole foot in the battle, yells Coach Morten Saksvik.

It’s a hectic training period for the best Fana IL Kickboxing athletes.

Tonight, coach Saksvik is in the ring along with kickboxer Mariell Gaassand Straume. They depend on the technique.

A few months ago, this was far from routine.

Coach Morten Saksvik and Mariell Gassand Straume in the ring.

First match in 1.5 years

Not long ago, Straume participated in the World Cup in Budapest. It ended with a gold medal.

Gold also went to the Irish Open in March 2020. Europe’s biggest tournament, with over 2000 participants, was to be his last competition in a year and a half.

But it wasn’t just because of the pandemic.

Mariell Gaassand Straume at the Zinken Hopp sports hall. Here he trains for the Budapest World Cup.

After the competition, Straume began to have what she describes as diffuse pain.

I was stiff in the small of my back. At first it felt a bit like a hindrance.

Gradually the pain got worse and worse.

– I think I avoided going to the doctor because I didn’t want to know the answer. But in the end I listened to Morten, my mother and my brother, who advised me to go to the doctor, says Straume.

– It was completely crisis

Three days before Christmas, the response from the MRI exam was ready.

Straume sat with his mother inside the car in Bygarasjen. She was afraid. The test result was in an envelope, but he couldn’t open it.

The mother was told to go to a store. Only then did Straume see the answer.

Then came the recession.

He had fatigue fractures in both hips.

– It was a crisis. When Mom returned, she quickly realized what the message was. There were some tears.

Mariell Gaassand Straume (left) and Martine Solli in Fana IL. In the background is Kevin Fonnes.

Considered publication

Straume had had a fatigue fracture before. I knew it was serious.

The damage usually comes from constant repetitive stress, which means that the leg cannot repair itself. At the end, it ends with a pause or a pause.

It can mean surgery and screws in the hips. It is not very beneficial when you practice kickboxing.

– Fortunately, I noticed early enough, says Straume.

The technique must be practiced before the championship.

For the first four weeks she had to lie in bed as much as possible. It was difficult for the kickboxer, who is used to being very active.

At the same time, he was pursuing a master’s degree in clinical nutrition.

Job opportunities were better outside of Bergen. She considered quitting kickboxing.

– I had the idea to publish. Investing fully in sports is a bit at the expense of the great outdoors.

Has stopped running

He couldn’t train his legs, but every time he started to train his upper body. It helped the mood.

The world was closed due to the pandemic. Therefore, he did not miss the conventions and other contests. It was little consolation.

– “If I’m okay now, maybe I’ll be healthy again until things start again,” I thought.

In addition to kickboxing, Straume studies pedagogy at the University of Bergen.

After several months of quiet training, Straume is finally back in the ring. You still have to take precautions. Has stopped running and cannot kick in all sessions.

But the smile has returned.

– I love being back.

Three kickboxers from Bergen to the WC

When BT visited them, the club was looking forward to who would represent Norway at this year’s World Cup in Jesolo in October.

The next day the message arrived. Mariell Gaassand Straume, her brother Raymond Gaassand Straume, and Christine Hagatun in Fana IL are qualified.

– I think that now we are on our way to something new, without putting too much pressure on the young woman. But Mariell has shown that she is better under pressure, says coach Saksvik.

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