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– Not so smart in the long run

The national team coach, Eirik Myhr Nossum, will not report that his former student is healthy.

Didrik Tønseth set a track record at Bråtesten last week with ten seconds. Although Byåsen’s ski profile shows nascent form, neither mentor Trond Nystad nor national team coach Eirik Myhr Nossum will report on 30-year form.

– The exam won’t arrive for a couple of months. That’s when it has to work.

National team coach Eirik Myhr Nossum is agrees with Trond Nystad: Doesn’t want to get Didrik Tønseth back – even after the 30-year-old set a record at Bråtesten in Bymarka last week.

But Nossum, who was Tønseth’s coach until this spring when the ski profile lost its place in the national team, sees a difference from last year:

– Last year Didrik had some extreme peaks where he was incredibly strong. But the next day there could be a total ban on the bucket. Now it delivers in a much more stable way.

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New team

During the first weekend in Beitostølen in November 2019, Tønseth crushed the rest of the Norwegian elite and climbed to the top of the 15 kilometers in classic style. When he returned home from the European Cross-Country Ski Championships in Portugal shortly after, he fell ill.

In the last two years, there have been more questions than answers for Tønseth. Adresseavisen has asked the national team leadership and Tønseth several times what caused the problems, but no one knows what went wrong. This spring, he lost his place in the national team.

Now he has a new team, with his friend and NTNU student Einar Moxnes as maintenance staff and former national team coach Trond Nystad as mentor. In addition, it works closely with NTNU to conduct a series of tests. Øyvind Sandbakk is among those at NTNU who have a hand in the game.

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– Should have delivered better

Earlier this fall, Tønseth was in a climactic meeting with the Italian national team, at his expense.

– Delivered a decent height stay. I should have had better results in a difficult session, but overall it was good. And that’s the most important thing, says Nossum.

This week, Tønseth travels to Sandefjord to participate in a new meeting of national teams.

– I have a good dialogue with Didrik and Trond (Nystad, Tønseth’s mentor). There are many reasons why you can join our meetings. We have done a round internally to see if it was practically possible and if everyone involved thinks it is okay. We don’t see any reason to say no when you ask us, Nossum says.

– It is probably not so smart in the long run to pass all responsibility on to others. Right now, it’s probably smart to get the body back on track, but for several years it’s not good, Nossum says.

– Very groped

After the record run at Bymarka, Tønseth told Adresseavisen that he has never had a better following than now.

Here’s how Nossum reacts to that statement:

– You were probably entirely dependent on getting extremely close follow-up on the situation you’ve been in and where you are. I think those of us who followed him didn’t understand how serious the problems really were. And I also think that no one knows for sure what went wrong. You have fiddled around a lot, and then it’s good not to think too much.

The coach of the national team has also previously stated that he believes that no one will find conclusive evidence of the cause of the problems.

Tønseth said in the same interview last week that he has handed over all control to his new team.

Now Nossum comes with a warning to his former student:

– It is probably not so smart in the long run to pass all responsibility on to others. Right now, it’s probably smart to get the body back on track, but for several years it’s not good. The best runners are self-propelled and make many important decisions based on the signals the body sends.

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I think it is dificult

Tønseth has been clear that for him the Olympic Games are the great goal. But the eye of the needle is narrow. Only eight runners can travel to China, and only four of them can compete in each distance.

Nossum will not comment on Tønseth’s chances of qualifying for the big climax of winter:

– I think it is dificult. But he, like everyone else, has a chance to make it to the Olympics. At the same time, Didrik has had more opportunities in the past when he has been in a different position than he is today.

This week Nossum and Tønseth meet again. The full national team has a meeting in Sandefjord from Friday to Wednesday, where Tønseth will also be present.

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