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Branns, 19, had a long meeting with the coaches. There he asked to be borrowed.

David Wolfe has had a 2021 with many advantages.

David Wolfe’s season did not turn out as expected.

This summer, David Wolfe sat down in a meeting with coach Eirik Horneland and player developer Helge Haugen. They had long conversations, says the 19-year-old.

– They did not recognize me, I did not recognize myself in the field.

Wolfe asked about the possibilities of a loan, but it was out of the question. With him out the door, she received a message that she has tried to fulfill ever since: “Give more f.”

– It has been a year of great lead, he says.

The pain got worse

Wolfe had a fantastic season preparation after the coach’s shot. He had previously impressed with loans in Åsane, signed a new contract and stayed chased by the best football team in Norway.

He played his first league game from the start. Since then, there have been fewer and fewer minutes on the field.

David Wolfe occupied an unknown position on the right wing in Brann’s debut against Viking this year.

– The place was mine for quite some time. Then things went bad against Sogndal just before the start of the season, and the experiences got worse and worse. Self-confidence disappeared, says Wolfe.

Then-coach Kåre Ingebrigtsen had faith in the youngster as the team’s left back. The coach was so confident that Ruben Kristiansen, one of the most trusted men of the season, was told he could find a new club.

– I think he was too comfortable, really. I thought most of the work was done, when it really hadn’t even started, says Wolfe.

Wolfe took a selfie from his hospital bed during one of the highlights in Haukeland.

The arrow pointed down with a sporty air. Then he stayed admitted to Haukeland three times this summer. With a fever over 40, he was diagnosed with meningitis.

Later in the summer, he was also one of only ten Brann players to get club written warning for replay at Brann Stadium.

David Wolfe could cheer on the victory over Kristiansund with his teammates on Sunday.

The inflection point

The day after the victory against Kristiansund, a Wolfe with a big smile and tender legs leaves the stadium. It comes straight from the massage table.

– It was very nice. There has been little football in the last six months. Now the body feels it.

In the past four weeks, he has had a touchdown against Haugesund, second-team games, a full cup game, before playing a strong elite league game on Sunday. Help the mood to play football.

– Now life is much better. It’s so much easier to come here and completely smile.

David Wolfe has found his way back to the joy of training – the fights will come eventually, I don’t stress about it now.

Wolfe says he’s not in his prime yet, but something has loosened in recent weeks. The turning point was the long meeting with the coach and player developer.

Earlier this year, I was constantly thinking about how I could improve. Now release more, think less, “give a little more f”.

– If I do even better, I’m very good. That’s what I did last winter, when I was good up to the moment before the start of the series.

– Lost a bit of grip

Coach Eirik Horneland calls Wolfe’s season a “roller coaster.”

– He had a fantastic preparation for the season, right up until the training games, when it started to feel a bit uncomfortable for him. Then he got sick. It probably bothered him more than we thought.

Wolfe’s good season beforehand, the media coverage and the coach’s confidence created great expectations for the teenager. Expectations Horneland believes were too high.

– He lost his grip a bit, but it is completely natural for young children who learn and experiment at a high level.

Wolfe himself says he has never experienced so much adversity in a year. It has been an experience to take with you.

– I have learned to face adversity. So it helps to talk to people. I have spoken with the family, the coaches and everything that has helped me. Now I know better how to deal with adversity the next time it arises.

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