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Daniel Høglund, accused of driving under the influence for the second time: – I am ashamed

NORDSTRAND (VG) Viasat Profile Daniel Høglund (35) is removed from the screen indefinitely after being drunk on Thursday night this week.

DEEP DESPERATION: Daniel Høglund admits he has a problem with alcohol. Here he is in a meeting with VG on Friday afternoon.

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It occurs just three years after Høglund crashed a car in Larvik, then with 1.92 per thousand.

Now the presenter and sportscaster are prepared for jail.

– I immediately think “Now it’s over.” I said it right away. There was no point in explaining anything. I guess I said, ‘Take me with you. I screwed up, “says Høglund.

She is a deeply desperate television personality who receives VG in the living room of her home in Nordstrand.

The familiar face of, among other things, the handball championships, the Champions League and the broadcasts of Formula 1 to Viasat scares of himself and makes the eyes cry during the interview.

– I am ashamed and afraid that people find out. It’s me how that. That I’m a guy who can do that. Although not just once twice. What does it say about who I am? How am I? You only think about the worst all the time. That life is over. Get fired. That’s done, says Høglund.

– Do you have a problem with alcoholism?

Daniel Høglund begins by saying that he had never seen him like this.

– But it’s clear that when I make such a bad decision twice, it’s probably the very definition of having a problem. I need to spend time finding out, along with someone who can help me. I don’t mean to say that I am an alcoholic. But I have a problem with alcohol.

Fear of the cohabitant: Høglund says he made a fatal mistake after receiving a phone call from the cohabitant, which worried him.

I should pick up partner

Høglund and his partner had watched a football match at a sports bar in Oslo before this week’s incident. At one point, the 35-year-old is said to have traveled home in a taxi, while the partner stayed at the nightclub.

According to Høglund, at the time he had had four pints and a drink. Also, it is said that he drank three glasses of wine during an evening dinner.

Høglund recounts how he was about to go to bed around 01:30 when the cohabitant called, urgently in need of help. She must have looked desperate.

The television profile says that he was afraid of his partner.

Then he made a fateful decision: he got in the car and drove to the city center of Oslo. There, the partner did not want to get in the car. He knew that Høglund had been drinking and asked him to park.

He never managed to do that before the police stopped him.

– If you took a taxi home in the first place: Why didn’t you take a taxi back to the city center again?

– That’s what I do not understand. That’s what scares me. That I have a pattern of action when I drink that makes me make bad decisions. That I don’t make a well-considered choice. I was scared and wanted her home as soon as possible. But that’s the dumbest choice I could make. It scares me that I can’t …

Høglund takes a long break. The voice breaks.

– That I don’t have the necessary impulse control. There is something inside of me.

He does not know what percentage was measured when he was taken to the Greenland Police Station.

Won’t walk out the door

VG has been in contact with Høglund’s partner. It tells the same story as the television profile.

– You put the lives of others in danger. What thoughts do you have about it?

– I’m terribly happy that it went well, that I didn’t hurt anyone. You feel anxiety thinking about it. It’s like I can’t think of that. It just fits when I think of a possible consequence of this.

NENT MANAGER: Kristian Oma, here from another context back in 2013.

– When you sit in a studio and lead the Champions League broadcasts on Viasat, many will think that you are a role model. Do you see yourself as a role model? If so, what kind of role model?

– I never felt like a celebrity. I go to work and do what I do. I have never thought about whether I have two listeners on Larvik radio or a million on handball. That’s not important. So I never thought of myself as a role model. But maybe I should have. That you live in a way more in line with the role you have.

– What do you think of the job and the future?

– Right now I don’t want to appear on the screen again. I don’t want to be public. I don’t want to go out that door even once.

Høglund points to the street from his house in Nordstrand.

– Why are you embarrassed?

– Yes. We have to find out if I deserve to go back.

He emphasizes that he has not been fired.

– I am very grateful for that, because I thought I would get it. And then we’ll see if I deserve to take a role again.

The sports director of Nent (owner of the Viasat channels), Kristina Oma, emphasizes to VG that the company takes what happened very seriously.

– What has happened is completely unacceptable, and we have been very direct in our dialogue with him about it. We demand that you address your issues and have put together a plan in which we agree that you will receive professional follow-up. Now he’s been pulled from the screen for the time being and will have time to deal with his issues, says Oma.

SCREEN OUT: This is how Norwegian viewers are used to seeing Daniel Høglund, starring in broadcasts of the Nent Champions League (Viasat).

Finished with F1

Daniel Høglund was sentenced to 24 days in prison and fined NOK 75,000 for what he did three years ago.

Now he has been sentenced to a new prison term.

– I myself understand how serious this is.

– What happens now?

– I contact my doctor. Let’s find out what to do. I need someone to talk to. A psychologist who can help me collect my thoughts. We need to find a program that is right for me. Because there is no question that I have to do something about who I am.

Høglund says it won’t be on screen for a while. And broadcasts of Formula 1, it is clear that it will be impossible to lead in the future. The car and alcohol do not go hand in hand.

– Do I have to find out what’s wrong with me? It’s wrong? There will be a few rounds with myself. And it doesn’t take a day. So we’ll see if anyone wants to see Høglund on screen in the future, he tells VG.

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