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Defeat of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi in Congress. Described as a turning point for Democrats.

It was a heavy Thursday in Congress for Nancy Pelosi. She is the leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, the so-called Speaker of the House.

Two of Joe Biden’s victories are in jeopardy. It is his own party mates who are causing problems.

  • Arnhild Aass Kristiansen


On Friday night, the two leaders of the Democratic Party had to postpone the vote on the prestigious investment in infrastructure of the president of the United States.

– It’s a question of who blinks first, says Hilde Restad, Bjørknes Høyskole’s associate professor at Aftenposten.

According to the plan, a major package of measures to improve America’s infrastructure should have been adopted in the House of Representatives last night, Norwegian time.

Roads will be paved, bridges secured, broadband excavated, and electrical cables repaired. The total price is around 8,500 billion crowns.

The package has already been adopted by the Senate. It has received support from the Republican side and the President of the United States, Joe Biden, has been able to rejoice at having achieved a comprehensive agreement.

But in what is described as a rare defeat for powerful House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, the vote was postponed for twelve hours Friday night. He is an insider of the Democratic Party who is bitter.

Requires wellness package

The party’s left will only vote for the package if it also receives support for another gigantic package with welfare and climate measures.

The cost of the claim on the table amounts to NOK 30 billion over ten years. For this award, Americans will receive free or cheaper childcare, 12 weeks of maternity leave, free dental health for the elderly, and major initiatives to reduce climate emissions.

The benefits will be paid with higher taxes for companies and individuals with income above 3.5 million NOK.

Democrats don’t need Republican support to pass it. The problem is that parts of the moderate wing of the party think it is too expensive.

This is where it becomes a question of who doubles first.

– Party Liberals won’t vote for you until they know they get a better welfare package. It’s not that they don’t want the infrastructure package, but they want something more, says Hilde Restad.

Return point

In the American media, it is described as a defeat for both Biden and nyhPelosi that they have not reached a solution. The defeat is compounded by the fact that Pelosi has promised party members that the package should be adopted in September.

– Based on past experiences, one would think that she could find a compromise. She never loses a vote. That’s why he had to postpone this, Restad says.

She also finds it obviously frustrating for Biden. To get the victory that the infrastructure package is for Biden, you must now implement another comprehensive package.

The postponement is also described as a turning point in the Democratic Party. CNN is among those who refer to him as this.

While the left wing of the party has previously declined, they are now pushing hard to push the policy in their direction.

– It is a sign that the left wing is a bullish factor. More and more progressive representatives are being elected. It is nothing new that there is disagreement in the party. There are two great parties with many factions inside. But it is an interesting new step in the internal struggle for power, says Associate Professor Restad.

One consolation for the president of the United States is that Congress at least appropriated money to keep the federal state running. Without money, government agencies would have to shut down and employees would be sent home. They are avoiding that now.

Restad also considers it likely that they will eventually outperform both the infrastructure package and the wellness package, one way or another.

– There will probably be a compromise, and then there are always some who get angry.

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