Wednesday, October 20

Now the Labor Party and the People’s Socialist Party are left alone. These are twelve issues that can cause problems.

They will agree. But before they go that far, there may be a tug of war between the Socialist People’s Party and the Labor Party on a number of issues.

Jonas Gahr Støre and Trygve Slagsvold Vedum will form a government together. But they do not agree on everything.

Distributors for Aps and Sp are already up and running at Hurdalsjøen Hotell. They said this on Thursday.

– The atmosphere is good, said Støre.

But various issues can create problems when the two parties must sign together on all issues on one government platform. Here are some problems:

1. Specific climate measures: Sp has not supported the proposal to triple the CO₂ tax. Has Ap. Sp has also opposed fuel tax increases in recent years. Instead, Sp wants a large-scale investment in various climate funds. In this arena, there can be a tug of war both over spending and who should pay climate taxes.

Sp is also against the introduction of zones in cities where it is not allowed to drive diesel and gasoline vehicles. He is not Labor.

2. EU / EEA: The Social Democrats and the Labor Party are on opposite sides in the fight for Norway to become a member of the EU and EEA. Although the Labor Party has put aside the desire to join the EU, the two parties often disagree on the EEA.

Along with SV, Sp took two dissidents against EU directives the last time they ruled together. Sp is also opposed to environmental cooperation with the EU. There is a high probability that the two parties will disagree on EU adaptation.

3. Defense policy: Sp has placed great prestige in the maintenance of Andøya airport. The Labor Party participated in the defense agreement that led to the decision to close the airport. Among other things, the Socialist People’s Party also wants a stronger investment in the National Guard than in the Labor Party. Sp’s defense policy costs more than Aps. Therefore, this dispute also concerns money.

4. Police reform. The Labor Party initially supported the police reform, but has since distanced itself from its implementation by the government. Now the Labor Party wants more resources for police districts, but the Socialist People’s Party wants to go much further. Sp was against the entire reform and will close the Police Directorate. The party has gone to the polls to restore and establish new police stations in various parts of the country.

5. Income of farmers: During the election campaign, the leader of the Labor Party promised to close the income gap between farmers and other occupational groups. But the Labor Party will not keep the promise. Sp has promised to do so within four to six years.

6. Predators: The People’s Socialist Party and the Labor Party may agree that it will be easier to shoot predators that harm grazing animals. But Sp wants to reduce the agreed targets on the size of the population that we should have, especially of bears and wolves. The Labor Party has not agreed with this.

7. Abort: The Labor Party has decided to abolish abortion committees until week 18. This is the majority against. Here, however, Sp has announced that they will release their representatives freely.

8. Taxes and equity: The Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party disagree on the amount of taxes to be paid on wealth related to what the Socialist People’s Party calls “operating assets.” These are things that a business or farmer needs to produce food, products, or services. Specifically, they can be machines, tractors, trucks, fishing boats, and the like. The Labor Party will also include more in taxes and fees in total than the Socialist People’s Party wants.

9. Family and children: Here are some things that they disagree on:

  • The Labor Party wants to abolish cash aid and turn it into aid for children who have applied for a place in kindergarten but have not yet received it. Sp wants to keep the plan in place also for those who choose not to attend kindergarten for a period while the children are under two years of age. Unlike KrF, Sp is determined to toughen up the scheme and orient it more towards children from one to one and a half years.
  • Social Democrats and the Labor Party also have different views on whether to allow children to have more than two legal parents. It may be relevant, among others, for the children of lesbians and gay men and for stepchildren. The work is in favor, Sp against.
  • Sp will increase cash benefits, such as the child benefit and the one-time birth benefit. The Labor Party will not.
  • Labor will spend more money lowering the maximum price in kindergarten than Sp. Vedum’s party is a bigger supporter of prices that are ranked based on family income.

10. Biotechnology: The Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party disagree on everything from early ultrasound to egg donation. Here, however, the Storting has recently reached a broad agreement. This means that there will not be as many complicated issues on the table for years to come.

11. Hospital policy: Labor and Social Democrats also disagree with the trust in health model. But the disagreement is less than before. Sp has abandoned the idea of ​​returning the property to the county municipalities. Although Sp goes further than the Labor Party when the party wants to replace health trusts with elected hospital boards, the Labor Party is also taking a step in the same direction. The party “will study alternative forms of democratic anchoring …” in companies.

There may be more controversy about individual hospitals: for example, about the closure of Ullevål, about maternity care in Kristiansund, a new hospital in Alta, about the offer on the Helgeland coast and a new hospital in Inland. In the Labor Party, the attitude is that the train has left in many of these cases. Sp has seen it differently in the electoral campaign.

Sp will also go further than the Labor Party in replacing unit-price financing of hospitals with framework financing. In short, it is about getting a greater amount of total money rather than paying for. hip surgery.

12. Municipal finances: Although both the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party want to strengthen the municipal economy, the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party argued about how much more they should give to municipalities the last time they governed together. Sp fought for sums greater than the Labor Party. They may do it again.

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