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Olympic World Champion Requirements: – Brutal

World champion Sverre Lunde Pedersen (29) calls it brutal that he must travel to the United States and Canada before Christmas to qualify for the Beijing Olympics, six months after the serious bicycle accident.

GOOD MEMORIES: Sverre Lunde Pedersen won magnificently and took World Cup gold in the 5000 meters during the championship in Inzell in February 2019. He is now struggling to qualify for the Beijing Olympics in four months.

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– I have to go pretty fast. It should be done before Christmas, says Sverre Lunde Pedersen.

Along with runners from the national ice skating team, he is in his second week of two training camps at Inzell. He “does the same thing” as the others, except that he will not go to test races in the German city of skating next weekend.

– There will be more basic training about me in the future, he says.

It also means that he will not attend the first two World Cups of the season in November, in Poland (12-14) and Stavanger (19-21). Instead, he will go to Gran Canaria for the first two weeks of November to take the same basic training medication, after having run two Norwegian Cup races at the end of October.

Well, look six months after that in May at 45 miles per hour by bike. slammed his head first into a stone clock.

Therefore, you will only bet to walk one distance at the Olympics: 5000 meters.

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– It will be a tough challenge in itself, he says of what will be at stake during the World Cup races in Salt Lake City on December 3-5 and Calgary on December 10-12.

Sverre Lunde Pedersens won the World Cup gold in the 5000 meters in Inzell record time and personal record 6.07.16 in February 2019. A year earlier, it was necessary to be around 6.16 to get a ticket to the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, where Sverre Lunde Pedersen lost the Olympic silver medal in the 5000 meters by two thousandths of a second.

To get an Olympic summit ticket to the Winter Games in China in February 2022, the time requirement will apparently prove to be at least as strict.

It is mainly on the highland slopes of Salt Lake City and Calgary that it is possible to go so fast.

– Yes, it’s pretty brutal. I have to be good enough to travel there to go. It’s not like I can get the ticket. I have to show that I am capable and deserved for those places in the World Cups, he says. the father of the family Sverre Lunde Pedersen.

He adds that this is how it happened and that therefore he has to cross the “pond” just before Christmas Eve arrives.

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The skating association’s sports and development manager, Lasse Sætre, uses the same word, it’s pretty brutal, considering what is required of Sverre Lunde Pedersen before his possible fourth Olympics.

– Our quota of places must meet the requirements of the Olympic Summit, which is twice the first 12 places. There are four World Cups in November and December. Sverre (Lunde Pedersen) must do it on time, explains Lasse Sætre.

Norway has a maximum Olympic quota of three runners in the men’s 5,000 meters. Norway’s male long-distance candidates are Sverre Lunde Pedersen, Hallgeir Engebråten and Peder Kongshaug.

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The Olympic team will make their final selection for the Norwegian Olympic team right after the European Championships in the Dutch lowland field in Heerenveen on January 7-9.

P.S! The World Cup in Stavanger has 10,000 meters in the men’s program, not 5,000 meters. The Polish Tomaszów Mazowiecki has 5000 meters, but that route is not considered very fast.

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