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Anastasia (8) flies to New York for fall break

GARDERMOEN (Aftenposten): On Friday, the government repealed the global coronary travel councils. Many people take the opportunity to travel abroad.

Anastasia Andresen-Mccall (8) and her mother Dushinka Andresen are on their way to Gardermoen. They are looking forward to meeting dad and boyfriend in New York.

– I’m looking forward to it, but the flight will probably be a long one.

Anastasia Andresen-Mccall (8) tells Aftenposten. She and her mother Dushinka Andresen hit Yatsy on the plane in the direction of Gardermoen. The trip goes to New York. There, Andresen-McCall will visit his father, whom he has not seen for several months.

– I don’t usually see it that often, so it will be very cute, she says.

Last Saturday, the government lifted entry restrictions for the EU, Schengen, UK and purple countries. At the same time, the requirement for quarantined hotels was removed. On Friday, September 1, the world travel council of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also disappeared. And with that, in practice it became possible to travel in and out of the country as before.

– It is a relief to be able to travel more normally again, says mother Andresen. Now she hopes to spend some quality time with her daughter on the trip to New York.

Many want to go abroad

The travel agents Aftenposten has spoken with can report a huge demand regarding the relaxation of travel restrictions and the fall holidays.

“We have seen an increase of up to 317 percent after the travel advice was repealed,” says TUI spokesman Nicolai Findsen.

Norwegian is also reporting increased interest in overseas travel.

– The first four hours after the press conference, we had a 50 percent increase compared to the same period last week. The high demand persisted throughout the weekend and into the past week, says communications consultant Eline Hyggen Skari in Norwegian.

The Canary Islands, Alicante and Malaga in particular, are popular destinations, according to travel agencies.

The same is true of Antalya in Turkey and Nice in France. Of the big cities, Paris, London, Berlin and Krakow, among others, are popular destinations during the fall holidays, according to Skari, who is happy with the increase in traffic.

– In Norwegian, we are very happy that people can travel again. This means that we can remove our employees from layoffs, he says.

Wishing to swim

Upon reaching Gardermoen, Aftenposten meets Geir Asphaug and his daughters Anja (14) and Maja (10), from Dal. They are on their way to Alicante, where they have a house. The two daughters agree on what they most hope to do when they arrive.

– Homosexual!

Geir Asphaug says they have traveled to Alicante several times during the pandemic. However, he thinks it’s nice not to have to deal with all the restrictions.

– Now we really travel from an area with more infection than the one we are going to, he points out.

The Alicante region is marked as orange (moderate infection pressure) in EU risk map, in contrast to Viken, who is marked in red.

Therefore, it is very safe for you to travel abroad.

Geir Asphaug and his daughters Anja and Maja Asphaug check the luggage before the flight to Alicante.

Avinor: – the desire to travel has returned

When Aftenposten arrives in Gardermoen at 10.30 on Saturday morning, the queues are mostly affordable.

Avinor Line Haugland’s press officer reports that Friday was the big day related to the fall break. But they also expect some traffic today.

– We see that the desire to travel has returned, and above all we see an increase when it comes to traveling abroad. We’re happy about that, and we’ve scaled for more traffic, she says.

However, he notes that traffic at Oslo Airport was still 39 percent lower than on the same day in 2019.

– But it is still more than double that of last year and 1.3 times more than the same day last year.

Haugland also says that on Friday there were as many who traveled abroad as there were who traveled domestically from the Oslo airport.

This is the first time this has happened since the pandemic began.

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