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He returned home to marry the princess. The reception was anything but polite.

This week, Japan got a new prime minister and the crown state of emergency was lifted. But many were more concerned with an entirely different matter.

Kei Komuro returned to Japan and bowed to the press.

This week, Kei Komuro returned to Japan from studying in the United States. At the Tokyo airport, he politely bowed to some 170 members of the press, but said nothing. The press, on the other hand, had a lot to say.

Komuro is not just any foreign student. He is engaged to Princess Mako of Japan.

Now the two are compared to the British Harry and the American Meghan. The parallels are clear: the unreal partner gets bad publicity in the press, the real one renounces his title and appearance, and the two move to the US.

Punished by pigtail

Criticisms of Komuro were acclaimed on both social and traditional media after his arrival in Tokyo. Although he bowed deeply to the press, both appearance and demeanor were subjected to ridicule and references. No detail seems to have been too small to be labeled plain and uneducated:

  • She had long hair in the United States and she tied it up in a ponytail.
  • He was wearing a suit without a tie.
  • He did not speak to the press.
  • Sometimes he had his hands in his pockets.
Kei Komuro and Princess Mako announced their wedding in 2017, but everything was put on hold after their mother ended in a dispute over public money. The official reason for the postponement was that they had made an immature decision.


The story of Princess Mako and Komuro is not entirely new. The two met in 2012 and announced their wedding five years later. Everything has an emergency brake. It turned out that her mother was in a money fight with an ex. The dispute suddenly became a public laundry. Part of the amount they fought over should have paid for Komuro’s education.

Therefore, the wedding was postponed and Komuro also became a lawyer in the United States. This summer he graduated from New York. The plan is for the couple to move yours.

At home in Japan, there are many indications that they are not very popular. ON on An online poll in Asahi Shimbun, a major newspaper, said that only 5 percent said they would like to congratulate or celebrate the couple. 91 percent so no.

Kei Komuro wore a ponytail when he arrived from the United States, which did not go unnoticed in the conservative country.

No to the real parachute

Komuro will now be in corona quarantine until October 11. Then the two of you will get married. According to the plan, it will take place during the month of October. The wedding will continue without the degree of pomp and splendor that marrying royals often offer.

Princesses who leave the royal family usually receive a kind of final package with them. Mako’s golden parachute is estimated at just over ten million crowns. The bill is taken by the government on behalf of the taxpayers. Mako, however, should have said no to this.

He currently works in a museum in Tokyo, but it is unknown what plans he has in New York. Komuro already has a job at a law firm there. If you passed the public exam, you are scheduled to become an associate attorney later this fall.

The family of the Crown Prince of Japan photographed in 2019. Left: Princess Mako, Prince Hisahito, Crown Prince Akishino, Crown Princess Kiko and Princess Kako.

Vulnerable system

In Japan, only men inherit the throne. Therefore, the imperial family depends on at least one child being born in each generation.

Anyway, princesses do not give birth to heirs to the throne. They are also left out of the family when they marry someone who is not a member of royalty.

Today, Mako’s 15-year-old brother, Hisahito, is number two in the succession and the only child of his generation. Therefore, the system is vulnerable.

According to the news agency Kyodo politicians discuss solutions. One of the possibilities is to recover old male branches of the royal family that have formally lost their titles.

Another possibility should be to allow princesses to retain their royal status even if they marry one of the people. However, the last variant will hardly change anything in the inheritance order. He does not propose to allow women to inherit the throne. This also applies to men with a royal family mother and a village father.

On the other hand, it is believed that the court around Prince Hisahito may eventually become very small.

“Unless we make sure that we have a certain number of members of the imperial family, we will not have enough royals to help Prince Hisahito,” a government source told Kyodo.

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