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Super Veteran Thoresen’s Heavy Burden: – Right on the Pain Line

Facing the classic arch-rival against Vålerenga, the Storhamar coach admits that the pressure he puts on the club’s star player, Patrick Thoresen (37), is not favorable.

STILL GOING STRONG: Storhamar captain Patrick Thoresen made his debut in the Norwegian top series of ice hockey more than 20 years ago. Tomorrow, Hamar’s team will face Vålerenga at CC Amfi. Image is from after a match against Stavanger three years ago.

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– No, it’s not optimal. Neither for him nor for the team. I spoke to him about it today (Friday), and we’ve had a chat about it before, which is too much. On the verge of pain, Hamar club coach Anders Gjøse answers the question of whether it is healthy for Storhamar’s top scorer (4 goals / 6 assists).

“Healthy” based on that Patrick Thoresen played 23 minutes when Storhamar lost 2-5 to league leader Stjernen on Thursday, and it wasn’t the first time he’d been on the ice that much in all seven league games of the season in the Fjordkraft league. By comparison, Vålerenga’s top scorer (4 + 7), Mathis Olimb (35), played just over 17 minutes as the Oslo team beat city rivals Manglerud Star 7-1 that night.

– It does not last that long to play. The body says when it can no longer bear it, says Patrick Thoresen.

Club captain Hamar turns 38 in one month. I was hurt, however still played when Norway lost the deciding match to Denmark in the Olympic qualifiers one month ago.

Must play

Anders Gjøse is aware that the risk of injury increases with a high load. But Patrick Thoresen has to play a lot, precisely because Storhamar is very affected by injuries.

Ahead of the deal against Vålerenga in a nearly full CC Amfi on Saturday at 6pm, six of Gjøse’s players are out with, among other things, ankle, back and shoulder injuries. According to the club’s assistant coach, Espen Knutsen, Vålerenga has one player on the disabled list, club veteran Jonas Oppøyen (30).

– Characterize our game. We don’t have the energy needed in crucial situations, he says. Storhamar’s Coach.

Vålerenga and Storhamar are in fifth and sixth place in the elite series, respectively. It is a short way to the top of the table. Both teams have won four games and are, in terms of play, moderately satisfied with the start of the series.

– Maybe they talked to us too much. Many thought it would be easier than it has been. We are certainly not where we should be. At the same time, we dare to say that our goal is to win (the series / playoffs). It’s great. But if we think we can slide on a skate, it will be difficult, says Mathis Olimb, who is back in Norwegian ice hockey after 14 years abroad.

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Uneven level

– The feeling is that we have not done any cannon combat yet, it is dangerous. We have won points, but we did not deserve them, as against Manglerud Star (win 4-3), says Patrick Thoresen.

– What went wrong?

– We have not managed to find an even level, where everyone gets involved and contributes game after game, he replies.

He adds that the good thing about Stjernen’s loss, where the “house of cards” to Storhamar slowly but surely fell after an “extremely” good first period, is that there is a new game tomorrow.

– Then we quickly have the opportunity to correct that performance, he explains, with a negative sign in front of the “performance”.

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