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Botheim brought down the old Stabæk club: – Very special

NADDERUD STADION (VG) (Stabæk 0-3 Bodø / Glimt) Erik Botheim’s 12th goal of the season in the league helped completely break relegation-threatened Stabæk.

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– I think it’s very special. I wish I could score a little more for Stabæk when I was here. I really hope they stay, because I have fallen in love with the club, Botheim tells VG.

Stabæk defended well in a deep 5-4-1 formation for more than half, but in the 52nd minute of play, Botheim took the lead and stabbed Glimt up front. Scoring changed the terms of the match immediately. Stabæk, who is second to last in the Eliteserien, suddenly had to advance down the field to chase the tie.

It opened up more space for the northern league leader, who was increased to 2-0 by Fredrik Bjørkan and 3-0 by substitute Gilbert Koomson. Glimt’s first away win against Stabæk since 2004 means Kjetil Knutsen’s men maintain a three-point league lead over Molde.

Botheim not eliminated, yet

One of the questions in relation to Sunday’s round was whether Botheim addressed Ståle Solbakken’s team for the match, which begins with an away game against Turkey next Friday. Following the injury crisis that has emerged, the national team coach was expected to call up new players.

Botheim, who delivered a solid and focused performance for Glimt on Sunday night, has been selected in the U21 national team for Leif Gunnar Smerud. After the match, the Football Association announced that Molde’s Ohi Omoijuanfo is the preferred new forward in team A.

– If Ohi is involved, it is well deserved. I think he is a very good player. I hope he can put in some “boxes” and get Norway to score points, Botheim tells VG when he gets the news.

– I’m going with the U21, and we have very important games there. I’m looking forward to it, says the forward.

By the way, the Norwegians Patrick Berg, Marius Lode and the scorer Bjørkan, who were already clear, did good performances for the league leader.

HEALTH: Erik Botheim put Bodø / Glimt in the lead in his former home field.

Dark for Stabæk

For Stabæk, the season is about completely different things than potential league and national team gold games. The Bears are second to last and have to fight hard to survive in the division. Against Bodø / Glimt, Eirik Kjønø’s team was disciplined, but never came close to threatening the opponent.

In the second half, Kristoffer Normann Hansen also received a red card for depriving Amahl Pellegrino of an obvious scoring opportunity.

– We know the best team in Norway at the moment. Then we have to close again and keep the zero as long as possible, and take care of the ball when we have it. I think we’re going to laugh too soon. 0-2 is unnecessary and the red card is unnecessary. But we are not good enough at our own game, and it will be too easy to score goals, Kjønø tells VG in this interview:

Now Stabæk must make good use of the national team’s break. In two weeks, a fateful battle against Bergen’s table neighbor Brann awaits him.

– It will be a fun and important game for us and Brann. It is a match we must avoid losing, and preferably score three points, says the Stabæk coach, with the certainty that the team has five points until Tromsø on safe ground.

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