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He had to leave the field injured and then was picked up by ambulance

Tertnes player Thea Adelheid Skarstein-Storeng was picked up by the ambulance after a head injury in the match against Flint.

Tertnes player Thea Adelheid Skarstein-Storeng was picked up by an ambulance in the match against Flint.

Tertnes – Flint 31-20 (17-10)

In the victory over Flint, Thea Adelheid Skarstein-Storeng had to leave the field due to a head injury and was later picked up by ambulance personnel.

– It was very unfortunate, says coach Tore Johannessen.

After the game, the coach did not know how it went with the player. When she left the runway, she was clearly unstable, and she was quickly placed on the ground and then attended to by ambulance personnel.

Skarstein-Storeng had a similar injury a month ago and was out for three weeks as a result of that injury, the coach says.

Johannessen says the ambulance picked her up to be safe, considering she had already had a head injury.

– It’s to avoid taking risks.

As a coach, he worries a little when he sees those things.

– Not good. One time goes well, but the second with the same player is not good. I hope there is nothing more serious.

Here, Thea Adelheid Skarstein-Storeng leaves the field after injury.

Satisfied with the match

Tertnes didn’t have the best start to the season this fall, but showed strength and took all the points when Flint visited Åsane Arena. This was his second win in a row.

– I am very happy with the start of the game. We did a lot of things backwards, something we had talked about before. The interaction between the defense and the goalkeeper at the beginning is absolutely crucial so that we can get that leadership from the beginning. We also carry this with us later in the round, says Johannessen.

– Still, there were some periods where we made a couple of mistakes in a short time, which made them a bit involved in the match.

The same thing happened in the second half.

– It’s okay to happen, there are good and bad moments in matches, but there are simple mistakes that are very unnecessary.

The coach hopes that it has nothing to do with the team leading by ten goals, that they get a little careless.

– Having consistent performance is something we have worked with a lot and something we work with.

Emma Holtet scored eight of Tertnes’ goals in the win over Flint.

Strong opening

The blue jerseys opened offensively and came up early in a four-goal lead. 4-0 was the score after just four minutes played. So Flint had to take a break. After the timeout, Tertnes further increased the lead to 5-0.

The visiting team’s first goal didn’t sit until six minutes had been played, and it was clear that Tertnes was better.

However, the visiting team got a couple of reductions and after the half of the first half, the home team led by six goals, 11-5.

Tertnes kept scoring until the break and went to the locker room 17-10.

Shortly before the break, Tertnes player Thea Adelheid Skarstein-Storeng had to leave the field with an injury and was later picked up by ambulance personnel.

Checked in victory

Tertnes continued the good trends early in the second half and led by one point with ten goals over the Tønsberg side.

After the middle of the second half, Flint ran out of time and managed to reduce Tertnes’ lead to seven goals, and at one point the away team reduced the lead to five goals.

After twenty minutes, Tertnes decided to attack again, increasing his lead by five goals and regaining an hour-long lead.

Tertnes player Martine Hellesø Knutsen finished it all off by scoring the last goal of the match. Tertnes won in the end with eleven goals.

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