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Ruud near a hard court milestone: – It had been raw

Casper Ruud (22) has earned an undeserved reputation as a “gravel player,” says Christian Ruud. Now the son can win a tournament on another surface for the first time.

HARD NUT: Hard is the keyword for both the substrate and Casper Ruud. The Norwegian can reach a historic achievement in his own career on Monday night.

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From night to Monday Norwegian time, Casper Ruud plays for a new title in it. VG + Sport-She sent the final against Cameron Norrie.

– It would have been crude if I could have also won a title on hard court. Then he will be the one with the most titles this year on the tour, Christian Ruud tells VG before the final at the San Diego Open.

And Papa Ruud is absolutely right. With a win over Norrie, the Norwegian will secure his fifth win of the season on the ATP circuit. It is more in the world elite. All of Ruud’s triumphs have come in so-called ATP 250 tournaments.

Before this year’s season, the 22-year-old had a tournament winner.

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Ruud with “drastic improvement”: – It’s unbelievably good

Ruud is currently ranked as the 10th best tennis player in the world. On the ground, there are only a few players in the world who surpass the great talent of Snarøya, something that he demonstrated with three consecutive victories on the ATP circuit earlier in the season.

So far in his career, every tournament win has been gravel-based, but this year Ruud has handled the transition to hard court better than ever.

Christian Ruud believes that the son has received a somewhat undeserved stamp.

– Casper is good on hard court, but plays mainly on clay, which is why he is described too much as a clay player than he really is, says his father before Monday’s final.

On Sunday night, it was Grigor Dimitrov who was swept off the field in the semi-finals:

– I don’t mind being called a gravel player. Rafael Nadal is a perfect example of this, Casper Ruud stated earlier this week.

Ruud has been part of the Spanish academy since 2018 and has trained several times with the former world number one.

– It is entirely possible for players with a lot of top spin to do well on all surfaces. I have admired Nadal for many years and will try to learn from him when it comes to the transition from gravel to hard court, he explains.

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Björn Borg on Ruud: – He has a great future

Ruud continues to search for new points in hopes of reaching the ATP final in November. Only the top eight qualify for the prestigious tournament. At the moment, the Norwegian hope is number nine in this ranking.

– For every match you win, the chances of Torino increase. But as mentioned above, nothing has been decided and we won’t have the decision until around November 14, says Christian Ruud.

Next week is Indian Wells, which will be an important tournament if you want to score new points. Novak Djokovic, Daniil Medvedev and Stefanos Tsitsipas have already qualified for the APT final.

You will see tonight’s game on VG + Sport. It starts broadcasting at 01.00.

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