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Think Grill should have done differently

MJØNDALEN (VG) (Mjøndalen – Brann 1-1) They led, played ten men, were in control, and then goalkeeper Lennart Grill Brann conceded in another knockout against Mjøndalen.

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Going 1-1 in the elite league game at Consto Arena on Sunday night, Brann must continue the decades-long attempt to knock brown-clad ghost dramas out of soccer statistics.

– It feels indescribably delicious. It’s long seconds from when I hit the ball until it enters the goal. “I realized the situation and the support of all Consto”, says the “winner of the match” of Mjøndalen, Lars Olden Larsen, to VG.

His sensitive speech about Brann’s goalkeeper Lennart Grill mid-range after his own boxing still means the Bergen club haven’t won. I Mjøndalen since May 22, 1975. Against Mjøndalen, regardless of Bergen or Buskerud, hasn’t happened since 1992.

It’s hard to believe that the stats survived October 2021. Mjøndalen’s Albin Sporrong was sent off just before half-time, Brann had both a team and goal advantage and hadn’t missed any chances.

Until Joackim Olsen Solberg knocked out a long pass from midfield, Lennart Grill signed up for the duel between midfielder Japhet Sery Larsen himself and Mjøndalen forward Fredrik Brustad and hit the ball directly at Lars Olden Larsen’s feet.

– We’ll handle it better. We will have better pressure on the ball carrier, so we don’t get that duel, we become too passive throughout the field. Mjøndalen gets to hit us long balls so we’re not good enough to handle it, Brann plug Fredrik Pallesen Knudsen tells VG.

– Should I let the defender face the duel?

– Yes, really, I should have. “Shit happens.” He struggles away, but falls directly into his lap. It’s a fluke at the intersection, believes Pallesen Knudsen.

Grill stopped by the press area and explained that he was unlucky.

– He is an offensive goalkeeper, we have to put up with some mistakes. He is developing well and has done well for us, says Brann’s coach, Eirik Horneland.

– Hard to say. If it is going to come out, you must hold it or lock it higher and further. But I like the goalkeepers to come out and I hope he continues with that, says Sivert Heltne Nilsen to VG.

– Everyone knows the statistics. And we know it’s a bit on the minds of the Bergen people, so we used the stats a little bit before the game, Mjøndalen’s coach Vegard Hansen tells VG.

– It’s a bit difficult to keep in mind that we only get one point. It wasn’t completely “meant to be” today, Brann’s coach Eirik Horneland tells VG.

– We can hope that we will not win the next few years, that may be the goal, says Sivert Heltne Nilsen to VG with a smile on his face – and he lives with the hope that football nemesis Branns will play in another division.

– It was a difficult match. Mjøndalen away is always difficult, and especially for Brann for some reason. But a point is a point, says Robert Taylor to VG.

It seemed like it was going to be different for a long time. Forward Aune Heggebø has already been compared to Erling Braut Haaland after his solo foray scoring at Åråsen a few laps ago, and again bent his neck in Braut fashion and sped up from midfield. Instead of going even this time, he played Robert Taylor.

The Finn put the advantage between the legs of midfielder Daniel Janevski, and while Brann didn’t create as many chances before or after the goal, he clearly looked more dangerous at Consto Arena for a long time.

Just before the break, Mjøndalen was also reduced to ten men when Albin Sporrong received his second yellow card for the night.

“We keep our heads up so we don’t lose, but of course when we play a match with one more man, it’s very frustrating,” Heggebø tells VG.

The ball fell at the feet of Lars Olden Larsen. The Mjøndalen midfielder pressed sensitively and kindly into the draw, and Brann’s unreal Mjøndalen complex lived on.

– Now I breathe in relief, this is not healthy, I feel it in my chest. This was very painful. It was extremely important to get a point, Vegard Hansen tells VG and continues:

– Six points to Brann had been a lot. It is not impossible, but it is difficult. Now we are with.

– Do you think you would have relegated if you had lost here?

– No, I don’t mean that. We had not given up. “We think we’ve been close in every game except against Molde, where we play,” Hansen responds.

Brann had a desperate race against all three points. Some completely insane chances were missed: First Monga Simba’s muttering came only with Sousha Makani after snatching the ball from Olsen Solberg, but she put the spike on the wrong side of the post.

– It is very sad that it does not enter. I felt like I got a good hit and thought I’d get in, Simba tells Discovery +.

Also, Makani turned both Robert Taylor down to put in his second, then Mathias Rasmussen as substitutes when Brann’s player stupid a goalkeeper post in Mjøndalen’s goal. In the end, he also got some good help from the crossbar when Simba tried to work overtime.

YET AGAIN! Isaac Twum grabs Mjøndalen striker Lars Olden Larsen. On the left Fredrik Brustad.

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