Wednesday, October 27

– We’ll take “double”!

– I am a bit empty of words, says the Sandviken coach after the victory in the semi-finals.

Sandviken scored two quick goals midway through the first half. It triggered these jubilant scenes.

– We are in the cup final! It’s so delicious! I am speechless, says Sandviken player Ingrid Marie Spord to Bergens Tidende after the 2-0 win over Lillestrøm in the cup semi-final.

Sandviken’s coach Alexander Straus tends to be chatty in the interview zone. After the semi-final victory, it took him some time to get started.

– I’m a bit speechless. I’m proud. Very proud, says Straus.

Lillestrøm has become Sandviken’s biggest enemy in recent seasons. In 2018, the “canario” became too strong in the cup final. Last year Sandviken lost 2-1 to LSK in the cup semi-finals.

– Was it such a small revenge?

– Yes, I would say that. It is good to come back here and cement that we have overcome them, replies the Sandviken coach.

Spord agrees:

– Yes, it actually was. It was really delicious.

Ingrid Marie Spord (left) and Alexander Straus realized that it was great to make up for previous losses against LSK.

– We will take “double”

Ingrid Marie Spord has a past in Lillestrøm. During a year and a half at the club, he won both the series and the cup.

Now you have an all-time opportunity to do both in Sandviken.

– Will it be more important to win the gold in the cup or the league in Sandviken than in Lillestrøm?

– Yes. It’s great to take gold yourself, but doing it in your own city is something very special. It would have been very big, Spord responds.

Counting soccer has been played since May. More than four months after the start of the season, Sandviken has yet to lose.

– I refuse to lose, says Spord.

Straus says the team will lose “at some point.”

– We can handle it when it arrives, but we are not preparing for a loss. It’s a dream season no matter what, but we won’t stop now, warns Straus.

The clues are a bit more explicit in the language:

– We’ll take “double”! That is the great goal and we will achieve it, he says.

Marthine Østenstad (left) put Sandviken ahead against Lillestrøm.

– It will be fantastic

Spord reveals that there will be no victory celebration, but that he is looking forward to the cup final, which will be played in less than a month.

– It will be fantastic. It is a game that I put very high, affirms the midfielder.

Straus reveals that he has both the series and Champions League qualification higher, but that they will do their best to emerge victorious from the final in Ullevaal.

– We have a sweet tooth and we do not want to share with anyone, so we will.

– Do you have the fine suit ready for the final?

– Yes, answers the Sandviken coach.

Sandviken usually has reason to rejoice this year. They have won every match except the draw against Arna / Bjørnar this summer.

Two determined headlines

– They controlled most things here, said NRK expert Carl-Erik Torp during the break about Sandviken’s performance in the first half.

And at 18 minutes the score came. Marit Bratberg Lund found the forehead of Marthine Østenstad, who controlled the ball in the goal.

– There was a big difference in the first half, Sandviken manager Alexander Straus said after the first 45 minutes.

Eight minutes later, the visiting team doubled its advantage. Once again, Bratberg Lund was the waiter, but this time it was Elisabeth Terland who led the score. 2-0 to Sandviken!

It was a somewhat nervous performance from Sandviken in the second half, but the quality, which they have shown throughout the season, was enough to lead the club to the cup final.

At Ullevaal Stadium, they meet Vålerenga, who beat Rosenborg 4-0 in the semi-finals. The game will be played on October 31.

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