Wednesday, October 20

Big Facebook problems. Services were unavailable for several hours.

An unknown number of Facebook’s nearly two billion users did not access the company’s website Monday night.

Throughout Monday, Facebook users have experienced significant problems accessing services.

LATEST: At midnight, it seemed possible to log back into Facebook, after more than six hours of inactivity.

Facebook announced at 6pm on his official Twitter account that some users had problems accessing platforms and services that are subject to the tech giant.

Facebook had to use itself your official Twitter account send this message at 18.18: “We have problems with our services.”

According to Facebook, “some users” have problems accessing platforms and services that are subject to the technology giant. Facebook has around two billion users worldwide.

Twitter replied your own Twitter profile to welcome everyone.

Users in various countries reported downtime for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other apps. On the side Down detector, which tracks the problems of various websites, there is a big jump in the reports of operational problems of Facebook.

The same goes for apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger, which are owned by Facebook and share much of the same infrastructure.

Facebook so far has not said anything about what is causing the problems.

Alerts stood out

The bug hit the Facebook platforms minutes before 6pm Norwegian time. It happened the day after a whistleblower accused the company of repeatedly prioritizing profits rather than limiting hate speech and misinformation.

The complainant is Frances Haugen, a 37-year-old computer engineer. She worked for two years at Facebook and was intimidated by what she saw there. Therefore, he took the magazine out of his mouth on the television program «60 Minutes».

In September, the newspaper began The Wall Street Journal to post the documents Haugen has obtained from the halls of Facebook.

– Promotes hatred and anger.

The documents show how Facebook has been aware of the negative effects they have on users, but said something completely different in public. Haugen claims they deliberately promote hatred and anger to generate engagement and therefore profit.

The documents show that Facebook has a program that protects elites from being moderate. They are said to have given celebrities, politicians, and major special treatment, including then-President Donald Trump.

– They have certain rules of moderation, while some VIP users who are important to Facebook wear silk gloves and have more space to do things that violate the rules, says Tennøe.

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The Facebook alert appears. She was scared by what she saw.

Several Norwegian authorities have recently left Facebook.

The Biotechnology Council is removing its Facebook page because this is the only way to minimize the sharing of data about users, director Petter Frost said Monday.

– The Data Inspection has concluded that it is not compatible with the Privacy Ordinance (GDPR) that they have their own page on Facebook, and the Biotechnology Council considers it so that the same privacy questions also apply to us says Petter Frost in Biotechnology Council.

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority published its assessment last week, and the UDI and the Council of Technology have already removed its pages.

Telia also has problems

In Norway, Telia’s landline network was down in several places on Monday night. Therefore, the affected clients do not access the Internet.

– We are currently experiencing that some of our customers have problems with the fixed network. We work with troubleshooting and apologize to affected customers, Telia writes in his websites.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have much information to give out now other than to confirm that we have problems and that we are trying to find out what is causing it,” information manager Ellen C. Scheen tells NRK.

Facebook’s stock fell in value on Monday on the NASDAQ stock exchange. At 9pm Norwegian time, the exchange rate was 5.3% lower than before the weekend. according to Reuters news agency Facebook was heading for its worst stock market day in nearly a year.

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