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From not sold to sold

CHANGE OF RUNNERS: Emilie and Amanda experienced good results when changing runners.

CHANGE OF RUNNERS: Emilie and Amanda experienced good results when changing runners.

Choosing a broker can be difficult. There are many brokers to choose from and a lot to think about. But what is really important when choosing a broker?

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Choosing the right broker is not necessarily easy. Sisters Emilie and Amanda also discovered this when they were selling a home for the first time.

– When we had to choose a broker, our main concern was keeping costs of sale as low as possible, says Emilie.

As recommended by the Consumer Council, the sisters began by inviting three brokerage firms to inspect. Of the three, one stood out.

– We had heard a lot of positive things about the broker we chose, so much so that they were reasonably priced and skillful.

Thus began the first of two sales processes.


The apartment was put on the housing market, but it was not sold.

– There were few that were exhibited, and in the end nobody bid for the apartment.

In the end, the sisters chose to take the apartment off the market.

– We did not make more projections, for fear that the house would charge too low a price, they add.

Emilie and Amanda found themselves having to change strategy.

Advice throughout the sales process

SATISFIED: Emilie and Amanda learned a lot about choosing a broker after two sales processes.

After a short lease period, the search process for a new broker began. Again, they should try to sell the house.

– In this round we are more concerned with involving a company that could provide us with good help throughout the sales process. We wanted someone who knew the area well and who could also point out several successful sales of similar homes in the neighborhood.

The choice of the broker fell to Olav Fretland, real estate agent in PrivatMegleren. From the beginning, Emilie and Amanda had good contact with the runners.

– He was very involved in the apartment and showed us how PrivatMegleren had previously achieved good results selling similar homes. This increased confidence in the broker.

– In this round of sales, we were probably much more concerned with what the broker could help us throughout the sales process, the sisters say.

Effective sales process

With a new broker on the team, home sales quickly took a new turn. They experienced that the new broker took a long time to answer questions and followed them closely.

– We experienced that he was engaged, skilled and proactive, says Amanda.

This time, they experienced that the broker took a long time to familiarize himself with the house and design a solution tailored to his apartment.

– The broker helped us make good decisions before the sale, which resulted in the sale process being very efficient. Shortly after we decided to put the house back up for sale, it was sold, the girls say with satisfaction.

– It was resolved in the end in a very cute way. Now we are left with a good feeling.

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Tips for other home sellers

For Amanda and Emilie, it felt confident that the broker could point to successful sales of similar homes. At the same time, there were several factors that helped bring them a good experience.

– There is a big difference between brokers and brokerages. When we went to list the house for the second time, what the broker delivered was put higher on the list than what the service cost.

After experiencing two different sales processes, the sisters are clear about what is important to think about during a sales process.

– The second time we worried about choosing a broker who, among other things, would follow us closely. PrivatMegleren assisted in the entire sales process, from completing paperwork to designing an advertisement and choosing the right advertisement. We experience this as a very positive thing. Although it cost a bit more, it gave a much better result, they conclude.

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