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Carlsen has made 2.7 million on the Tour: Go straight to the sun

NYDALEN (VG) Magnus Carlsen (30) played very well on the final day of the Champions Chess Tour final. Now he comes directly to the World Cup camp before the meeting with Jan Nepomnyashchij (31) in November-December.

CELEBRATED: Confetti and flowers and the so-called NFT trophy.

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– The most important thing will be to look at the openings for the World Cup match, but also the fact that I have played so much lately and need to regain energy and be in physical shape, says the Norwegian chess profile to VG after the win in the online tournament run by the Play Magnus group, partly owned by Carlsen.

In total, the world champion has won 2.7 million crowns during the ten tournaments since November last year. The victory in the final alone gave just over 850,000 crowns. In addition, a so-called NFT was received, a type of digital art, of which it is currently impossible to say how much it is worth.

– Are you going to warmer latitudes?

– Yes, answer after thinking a bit if you should answer the question. The place is secret anyway.

– Now that it is dark in Norway, it is good to sunbathe.

– Are you going to take your whole chess team south?

– Yes. And, of course, with Peter Heine Nielsen at the helm.

Nielsen is the Dane who has been Carlsen’s “second boss” in the last three World Cup matches, in 2014, 2016 and 2018. The Norwegian defends the World Cup title for the fourth time in Dubai starting in November 26, 2021.

It only took three games to finish off his main Tour rival, American Wesley So, on the final day of the Champions Chess Tour final. He decided the final already two rounds before the end. It was never exciting.

Carlsen is still not very impressed with himself. He lost his matches on both Saturday and Sunday, against Teimur Radjabov and Levon Aronian:

– It has been regular. I have felt that the energy has not been at its peak at all times.

– But I have to be pragmatic enough to see that this was enough to win. I know that I can play better if I have to. In the end, it’s been a bit of a bit of getting carried away, having fun, and securing the winner of the tournament.

– Does that mean you don’t have to play your best to be the best in the world?

– Basically, I have to. And I have not been the best in the world in this tournament, replies Magnus Carlsen.

As the best player in the tournaments leading up to the Champions Chess Tour final, he brought an advantage to the final.

– Should the rules have been different?

– Considering that there was so little emotion, you can say that. But the Tour should pick the best for a whole season and therefore it should be something of an advantage if you’ve been among the best in tournaments before. But there are certainly other ways to do it.

The Champions Chess Tour has been running since November 2020 and consisted of nine preliminary tournaments, as well as the final. The final should have been a great physical tournament, but crown restrictions have meant that only Magnus Carlsen, Anish Giri and Jan-Krzysztof Duda have played from the television studio at Nydalen in Oslo, where Kaja Snare has directed the broadcasts.

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