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Lagerbäck vs NFF in a new book: – Really disappointing

TRONDHEIM (VG) Former national team manager Lars Lagerbäck and his assistant Per Joar “Perry” Hansen criticize how the NFF handled their dismissal from the national team.

– BAD PERSONNEL POLICY: This is how Lars Lagerbäck describes the NFF’s handling of the end of his time as coach of the national team.

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“Perry” published the book “People and Football – 40 Years of Humor and Seriousness” on Tuesday, along with Lars Lagerbäck and Ronny Trælvik on Tuesday. There they go through the noise in the selection against Lagerbäck and Hansen He was fired in December of last year.

The coaching duo believe the NFF failed on several points. Among other things, they believe it was a week since Lagerbäck was informed by the NFF that they had ended up in the coach’s chair, until assistant “Perry” was informed of the decision.

“Lars got a phone call shortly after the NFF would use the clause to replace him. Of course, he called me right away and said there was no continuation, and then of course the same applied to me. (…) However , I think it was a weakness of Terje Svendsen and Pål Bjerketvedt not to let me know as soon as Lars understood. I knew for more than a week that Lars and I had been fired before they contacted me via Teams, “writes Hansen in the book .

RECEIVE CRITICISM: Per Joar Hansen and Lars Lagerbäck directly criticize Terje Svendsen (in the middle) and Pål Bjerketvedt (right).

Otherwise, the above clause was added to the contract at Lagerbäck’s own request. I wanted there to be a mutual possibility that the contract could be terminated without consequences for either party.

“From a legal point of view, the NFF was not wrong,” Lagerbäck writes in the book.

However, he describes their subjective interpretation, and there he criticizes the fact that NFF chose to terminate the contract when they themselves have stated that they are very satisfied with the work carried out.

– For NFF, it was natural to first complete the deal with Lars and then move on to “Perry”. In that context, it is important to emphasize that they had two different employment contracts, says soccer president Svendsen on VG’s question about why it took so long before they took up the dialogue with “Perry.”


Lagerbäck also responded that the NFF did not contact assistant “Perry” to inform him or negotiate a termination of the contract.

And when it was announced that the duo had ended, there were problems again, according to the Swede.

“Another thing also happened when the NFF announced our resignation. I was more disappointed. When it was announced that we were leaving, Perry and I submitted a press release that the NFF promised to post on their website at the same time they announced that they had terminated our contracts. But it was not done. Instead, NFF released information that we had agreed that the contract would be terminated. It was really disappointing to experience that they did not keep their word, “writes Lagerbäck.

Svendsen writes in an email to VG that Lagerbäck’s press release was sent after they published the news of Solbakken’s hiring as the new head of the national team.

– In general, it is natural that NFF is the sender of these cases published on our channels. In this case, both communication with Lars and communication within the NFF have not been good enough. Lars and I talked about this later, where I apologized for this, says Svendsen.

“An apology doesn’t change anything, but it honors Terje that I received an apology for how the NFF handled this,” Lagerbäck writes, noting that he experienced strong support from Svendsen and Bjerketvedt during his coaching career on the national team.

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