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Trump continues to hint at the 2024 election. Sources say he had to be persuaded to be patient.

Former President Donald Trump recently attended a rally in Georgia. On Saturday, he has a new one in Iowa.

In August, Donald Trump was on fire after announcing his re-election, but was persuaded to wait. The Washington Post reports.

Storavisen has spoken to three separate anonymous sources inside. They say Trump actually started raising the issue with advisers in August. The United States could then watch live on television a humiliating withdrawal from Kabul. At the same time, voter confidence in President Joe Biden went into the red for the first time.

According to The Washington Post persuaded Trump advisers to be patient. Thus, Trump ended up continuing with the tactics he has had so far: clues and clues.

The advisers saw more problems than benefits for Trump to leave early:

  • This would lead to a major shakeup of Trump’s main fundraising apparatus.
  • This could lead to difficulties in appearing on television due to the rules on equal airtime for candidates.
  • It could do a better job for the party’s candidates in the 2022 by-elections if it didn’t have its own election campaign to lead.

Do not “own” the intermediate option

– The point that most caught our attention was that he should not “own” the by-elections if we do not recover the House of Representatives and the Senate, a source tells the newspaper.

Democrats today have a majority in both houses of Congress. Often, however, the president’s party performs poorly in so-called by-elections. Therefore, Trump advisers fear losing a by-election that has a lot to do with Trump.

The former president himself comes up with constant hints of a new attempt to win the White House. At an event on September 11, he was asked if he would act again. He said it was an “easy question”.

– We’re not really going to talk about it because of the campaign finance laws, which is ridiculous. But let me put it this way: I think you’ll be happy, he said.

– Brilliant victory in 2024

When he recently held a public meeting in Perry, Georgia, he had some examples of how he talks about the upcoming presidential election. He claimed that the previous elections were the most corrupt in history, but “will be followed by one of the even more glorious victories in November 2024.”

Elsewhere in Languages He referred to what his friends tell him:

– You drive in all measures. No one has seen similar figures before. Think of the future, not the past, Trump said he continues to listen.

On Saturday, he will hold a new public meeting in Iowa, a state that is critical to the start of the primary elections.

Turnout was good when Donald Trump recently held a public meeting in Georgia. Among other things, he ran public relations for candidates who want to reject party colleagues in the state with which Trump is dissatisfied.

Mirror 2015 opening

At the same time, the Trump people have stepped up their efforts to raise money. For a long time, most emails concerned suspected election fraud in 2020. Now, more and more are addressing other contentious topics.

On Monday, he wrote that millions of illegal immigrants were flooding the border: “Murderers, drug traffickers and criminals of all kinds are a large part of this mass immigration.”

Thus, he reflected his opening of the electoral campaign in 2015. Then he said that Mexico supplied the United States with drugs, crime and rapists.

A couple of good measures

In last year’s election, Biden received just over 7 million more votes nationally than Trump, a 4.4 percentage point victory. In the auspicious states where the election was decided, victory was more rare. Due to the electoral delegate system Biden won like this alone by a total of 44,000 votes in Georgia, Wisconsin and Arizona.

Some polls now suggest that Trump may beat Biden. Later Rasmussen reports Recently polled, Trump won 51-41. This agency often has better numbers for Trump and Republicans than most other pollsters.

But also in Emerson, a senior agency, made Trump smart last month. 47 percent of voters would vote for him, while 46 percent would vote for Biden. With Vice President Kamala Harris as a rival, Trump did even better.

Yet other polls show that Trump is struggling to get more than 45 percent nationwide. As president, he was almost constantly in the red – there were more people who thought he was doing a bad job than who thought he was doing a good job.

– I would have hit him

In Trump’s party, the one otherwise doing the best in the polls now is the governor of Florida. Ron DeSantis has been closely associated with Trump. He’s a hot name in a field of party colleagues who apparently dream of the 2024 election. Some of the others are Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, and Ted Cruz.

In an interview in Yahoo Finance On Monday, Trump was asked if he could beat DeSantis in a primary election.

– I think most people would retire. I think he would retire. “If I faced him, I would hit him like everyone else,” Trump said.

Commentators interpret this as a warning to colleagues in the party not to join this dispute until he has said something himself. CNN political analyst Chris Cillizza believes Trump is finally running again. Think that the most exciting thing is if you get a real rival.

– Will one or more try to stand up to take the party beyond the Trump era? He asks.

the Washington Post He has also asked 13 current and former key advisers about 2024. Ten believe Trump is running. Two think it’s all a public relations game. One is not sure.

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