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Four county teams want Ulstein as KrF leader

Dag Inge Ulstein at the KrF national board meeting at Thon Hotel in Oslo on September 24.

Dag-Inge Ulstein should become the new KrF leader, according to the county council in both Vestland and Vestfold and Telemark. Vestlendingen now has four county teams at the back.

Ulstein does not receive unexpected support from his own county team in the battle for the top spot after the resignation of Kjell Ingolf Ropstad. Late Wednesday night, Vestfold and Telemark also expressed their support for the Minister for Development Aid.

Earlier, the county councils of Møre og Romsdal and Agder also registered Ulstein’s name for the election committee in the first round of consultations, and it also has the support of the youth party.

– Ulstein is a unifying candidate that we believe has the capacity to mobilize widely. It has the ability to create excitement and make major political breakthroughs for KrF, Vestland County Leader Morten Helland tells NTB.

Poverty and climate

The county council believes Ulstein can strengthen party ownership on issues such as poverty reduction both at home and abroad, redistribution, climate and business policy. But they also believe that interim party leader Olaug Bollestad should be in the lead, Helland adds.

The county council in western Norway believes that the party leader should sit in the Storting.

– Luxury problem

Also in Vestfold and Telemark, the majority believe that the party leader should be a parliamentary representative.

– We believe that Ulstein is a unifier and a man for the future who can reach out to new groups of voters, county leader Bror-Lennart Mentzoni tells NTB.

It refers to Ulstein’s commitment to international solidarity, the climate and the environment.

– I must say that it feels like you have a luxury problem when you have to choose between two such good candidates. We’re confident that if it’s the case that Dag-Inge can’t or won’t, then Olaug is absolutely capable of continuing as leader, says the county leader.

KrF women go through Bollestad

The interim party leader Olaug Bollestad is, however, the first choice for the KrF women’s organization. It was decided at the KrF Women’s central board meeting on Wednesday, leader Mariam Holter Rapp told NTB.

Bollestad also has the support of its own county team, Rogaland.

Oslo and Trøndelag have registered the two Storting representatives as candidates for the leadership position, and Trøndelag also singles out three KrF members who do not sit in the Storting: Hans Olav Syversen, Øyvind Håbrekke and Jorunn Lossius.

– We are concerned that the leader should have time to build the organization and travel, says leader Bente Høston Bostad in Trøndelag KrF to NTB.

She notes that the party’s few parliamentary representatives will be in a hurry and claims the county council discussed whether the party leader should sit in the Storting.

– Both have advantages and disadvantages, she says.

The wood is silent

Three municipalities have not wanted to come out with their proposals to NTB: Viken, Troms and Finnmark and Innlandet.

– We have chosen not to go out with those we have recorded so as not to tie our local teams, who will be able to register names for the second round, Viken leader Britt Egeland Gulbrandsen tells NTB.

Nordland gives his opinion in the first round of consultations on Thursday.

The leadership election will take place at the extraordinary national meeting of KrF on November 13. Prior to this, county teams will provide input in a second round of consultations. The nominating committee has set a deadline of October 22 for this round, according to Our country.

Ropstad resigned as a result of revelations that it has received free accommodation for travelers from the Storting, without paying tax.

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