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Ski association with letter to Bråthen ally: Demands answers on loyalty

At the same time that the Norwegian Ski Association called Clas Brede Bråthen (52) to a discussion meeting, one of the ski director’s closest employees was asked to explain his own behavior in writing.

BRÅTHEN FRIEND: Arne Åbråten has been asked to explain his role in the questions related to the Clas Brede Bråthen case. The integrated SMS dialogue is with the jumping committee chair, Alf Tore Haug.

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It shows the communication of the ski association, in which VG is.

Marketing coordinator Arne Åbråten has worked with Clas Brede Bråthen since 2005 and firmly believes that his own boss deserves a new contract in the ski association. General Secretary Ingvild Bretten Berg and Ski President Erik Røste, who have accused Bråthen of unacceptable behavior, do not think so.

In June, Åbråten, together with, among others, the national team manager Alexander Stöckl, participated in a meeting with the jumping committee leader, Alf Tore Haug. At the time, Ingvild Bretten Berg had refused to sign a contract extension for Clas Brede Bråthen.

At the meeting, Åbråten asked Haug to resign.

“Also, the jumping committee reports that via SMS from you to the committee chair the next day, considerable pressure is put on the committee to send the contract to the athletic director, something the committee did not want to do at this time.” It is indicated in the letter that the address of the Ski Federation has sent to Åbråten.

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Furthermore, it is stated that:

“The organizer of the WC in Vikersund has also informed us that, on short notice, he refused to contribute at a meeting about the attendance of the national jumping team for the launch of tickets for the WC. He justified it by the fact that a prominent Vikersund employee is also on the jumping committee. ‘

In the letter, Åbråten repeatedly asks the ski association whether its behavior is in line with its duty of loyalty.

In his reply, which VG has read, Åbråten writes that Alf Tore Haug said in early June that he would not be re-elected as chairman of the jumping committee if Bråthen’s contract was not waived. Therefore, he believes that it would be a natural consequence for Haug to resign.

“This was a natural follow-up to the information he had previously given. I do not see that the follow-up to the declaration of the Hong Kong leader himself is contrary to the duty of loyalty.” writes Åbråten in his statement.

WANTS TO ESCAPE: General Secretary Ingvild Bretten Berg and Ski President Erik Røste.

Following the meeting with Haug in June, the two exchanged the following SMS:

Åbråten: – Hello, from what I understand, CBB has not received the contract. Is there anything unclear from yesterday’s meeting?

Haug: – I ask respect that we try to solve this case

Åbråten: – Respect? I hope you have respect for what we said yesterday. Not to threaten, but our path to the media, as outlined yesterday, is fast approaching. Send the contract to CB as soon as possible.

A few minutes later:

Åbråten: – It has been sent?

Haug: – We are trying to solve the case.

Åbråten: – Alf Tore. I really hope that yesterday’s meeting gave you a confirmation. What we do not understand and we do not like is that you do not answer CB or give you your signed version, as you said yesterday that it was natural for you to do so. You have to explain to us why you don’t.

Haug had already signed the contract, which he calls one. draft. This was sent to Clas Brede Bråthen the next day, after which Bråthen signed and sent a joint email thanking them for the trust. Haug and the ski association believe the jump commander that way the hit your own job.

Bråthen, on the other hand, thinks so. these emails shows that Haug has misinformed himself in the case.

SALTO MANAGER: Clas Brede Bråthen.

In his statement to Ingvild Bretten Berg, Åbråten writes today that SMS cannot be read in isolation:

“At the meeting to which you refer, there was someone besides me who had the floor, and who pointed out that the media should be contacted if an agreement was not reached with Clas Brede. That’s what dialogue is about. ‘


“Of course, you see that you could have written something different later, but it came about as a result of what I perceived as an agreement between the HK leader and the leadership group from the previous day’s meeting. And so it was surprising that the leader of HK did not follow up on this agreement.

Finally, the NSF management asks if the communication with the organizer of the WC in Vikersund is correct and if he agrees with Åbråten’s duty of loyalty:

In dialogue with the representative of the WC organizer, Svein Graff (brother of communications manager Espen Graff at the ski association, journal. Note), I wrote that I did not want to meet with a committee member at that time. The meeting was re-arranged and according to HK member Per Bergerud in Vikersund this is a matter that has been resolved in accordance with Vikersund’s wishes, something that Per has also been informed of directly. Look down. When I realized that Per Bergerud did not appreciate the way I dealt with this, I apologized to Per » Åbråten replied.

VG does not know if the questions he has had to answer will have consequences for the market coordinator of the jump selection.

VG has asked the ski association for a comment on this matter, but they have not yet responded to our inquiries.

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