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The bull out of the World Cup after a fall victory – do not regret the tactics.

JORDAL AMFI (VG) Grace Bullen (24) had a good grip on reigning world champion Linda Morais (28) from Canada, but lost in a knockdown. The hope of requalification is also out.

STARTING LOSS: Grace Bullen (right) led big, but lost in a knockdown to Linda Morais of Canada.

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– I do not regret having continued to break offensively. That’s the type of change I am, but of course there are things I can do smarter, Bullen tells VG.

The World Cup is against the Fredrikstad fighter just before it starts. King Harald was among the spectators at Jordal Amfi when Morais took the victory in the knockdown 49 seconds before the end. At the time, Bullen was leading 10-9.

Very disappointed Bullen could not bear to speak to the press right after the bitter defeat, but coach Gheorghe Costin comes with the following description to VG:

– I do not know what happened. Grace gets hit on the head, takes a break, and then there’s chaos. It was a cold shower, coach Gheorghe Costin tells VG.

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The immediate hope was that Morais, who defended his 2019 World Cup gold in the 59kg category, would make it all the way to the final. Then Bullen was able to reach the bronze final through the so-called requalification, but then Morais lost to the Indian Sarita Sarita.

Little more than half an hour after the defeat, Bullen re-enters the press area and the 24-year-old regrets that she did not have the strength to speak immediately. He has had the pressure of expectations for the World Cup at home, and is considered Norway’s greatest medal hope.

– Morais is incredibly good, but it is a difficult weight class. I still hope to have the opportunity to requalify myself. I’m optimistic, Bullen told VG before it was clear that the downgrade option had been executed.

Bullen’s defeat at the World Cup had several similarities to a decisive Olympic qualifying match The bull lost 32 seconds before the end of May. The World Cup was supposed to be the long-awaited recovery, but Morais became too strong.

Bullen led 10-3 at the half, but then she had had the seconds on her side before the break and the clock saved her when she nearly smoked in a fall winner.

– I saved the clock there, but know that it is prudent to be in that position for the moment, said Bullen.

The second half was chaotic, and Bullen didn’t take a single point, but still led 10-9, lost in a knockdown.

– He hit me on the head and I was a little dizzy. It affected me in the game, but the time-out helped me, describes Bullen.

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WORLD CHAMPION: Ine Barlie closely follows the World Cup in Oslo. He has two gold medals at the 1987 and 1992 Wrestling World Cup.

– Surprised

Former world champion Ine Barlie was among those who watched Bullen’s match “in the ring.”

– You should control the second half and not have so much desire to attack. I’m a bit surprised, because Grace is very experienced. Grace is fantastically good and has the level inside even though this was a very good opponent, Barlie tells VG.

– It’s a shame, because Grace has all the prerequisites. It’s surprising that much of the same happens as in the Olympic qualifiers, says Barlie, who will present the medals during tomorrow’s ceremony.

Not applicable to resign

– I hope Grace knows that she is at the top and that this gives her motivation to continue. It’s the Olympics in three years, and she puts a lot of work into this, says Barlie.

Bullen herself emphasizes that she has several years left on the wrestling mat despite the World Cup explosion.

– I have a hard time saying that “enough is enough”. Wrestling is amazing in itself. Train, travel, meet new people. It develops me as a person. Regardless of defeat or victory, it motivates me. I’ll continue for a while longer, promises Bullen.

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