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Absence limit: Punishment or tools?

  • Thomas mannes
If you get used to showing up at the right time early in life, you will automatically take it later in life, writes Thomas Mannes (16).

The absence limit is not only important to obtain a grade in the final evaluation, but also for life.

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The no-show limit has been a major discussion in policy since it was introduced in 2016. In light of the recent change in power at the Storting, a review of the no-show limit is expected.

Parties like the Red Party and the Socialist Left believe that the limit of absences is an unnecessary rule in our school system. They want it removed.

The Labor Party and the country’s future prime minister, Jonas Gahr Støre, came under pressure from the AUF to “remove” the no-show limit before the 2017 parliamentary elections. They will likely experience the same pressure this year.

Is this boundary an out of place point in the school system, about which SV, Rødt and AUF are so assertive? Or is it an effective tool with a positive effect on both schooling and working life?

Avoid the traps

After the introduction of the absenteeism limit in 2016, absenteeism figures have decreased by 27 percent. This shows that the absence limit does what it was originally introduced to do, precisely to avoid cheating and absences.

If the absence limit had been removed, the absence would likely have increased and fewer students would have physically attended school.

Polls shows that increased student attendance and participation in lessons has led to positive change. More students get grades and fewer students drop out.

Important for teachers

Teachers have the responsibility to monitor their students, as monitoring is an important part of the teacher’s pedagogical work. If the absence limit is removed, fewer students will appear. Therefore, the work of the teachers will be much heavier.

This can make students feel like they are not getting the follow-up they need to learn and possibly pass the course. Therefore, the limit of absences is not only important for the student himself, but also for the teacher to be able to carry out his work.

Ready to work

Being able to be on time is an important quality in all stages of life after high school. In working life, the employer must be sure that he will show up at the right time every day.

To ensure that you can attend these work hours, you must develop good discipline habits. These habits are developed in school, using precisely the absenteeism limit.

If you get used to showing up at the right time early in life, it will automatically take you later in life. A punctual and disciplined person will always be attractive to an employer.

Therefore, the limit of absences is not only important for obtaining a grade in the final evaluation, but also for life.

New Vision

If you look at the limit of absences from a student’s point of view, this restriction may seem like a strict and unnecessary rule that only exists to keep you in school.

After reading this article, I hope you can look at it with different eyes.

Actually, the no-show limit is an important tool. It keeps young people in school, helps teachers do their jobs, and prepares the next generation for working life.

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