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Secret support for the ski association in the Bråthen case

Athletes, coaches and sponsors alike support sports director Clas Brede Bråthen (52) in the ongoing conflict with the leadership of the Norwegian Ski Federation. But in Trondheim, Trønderhopp has secretly gone against the grain.

SKI CHAIRMAN: Erik Røste receives the endorsement of the chairman of the board in Trønderhopp in a series of internal emails sent between the two.

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It shows internal and secret emails that were sent by the chairman of the board Oddny Estenstad to the president of ski Erik Røste on August 23 and 24 this year.

VG has obtained access to the emails, where Estenstad expresses his support for the ski president and general secretary Ingvild Bretten Berg.

The support is general and does not contain direct criticism of Clas Brede Bråthen.

“I would appreciate it if this stays between us. I have to think about Trønderhopp» writes Oddny Estenstad.

She herself has a past as vice president of the ski association, but not under Røste.

Estenstad says he fears that support for the ski association will affect the selection of the best jumpers in the club.

“For us in the nordafjells jumping community, it doesn’t matter who leads the NSF jumps. History has shown us that no one is irreplaceable, new costs can do good. All we want is for the ski circuit and the federation recognize the team as an important part of the Hopp-Norge structure. “ writes the chairman of the board in Trønderhopp.

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VG was in contact with Oddny Estenstad on Tuesday of this week. She then opened by saying that she and Trønderhopp do not want to comment on the Clas Brede Bråthen case.

Faced with the fact that VG has emails that he has sent to Erik Røste, Estenstad replies “No comment.”

BOARD PRESIDENT AT TRØNDERHOPP: Oddny Estenstad does not want to publicly signal his support for Erik Røste and the management of the Norwegian Ski Federation.

National team manager Alexander Stöckl believes that the fear that support for Røste and the ski association could affect athletes in Trønderhopp is completely unfounded. For VG, he emphasizes that retreats are done in consultation with the coaching team, support staff and local coaches:

– Decisions are always made with the athlete in focus, completely independent of personal circumstances. During my time as coach of the national team, the sports director has never interfered in sports decisions. Also, we have a very good collaboration with the coaches at Trønderhopp and they do a good job, says Stöckl (see the full answer at the bottom of the case).

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Bråthen, 52, has worked as a sports director on temporary contracts for 17 years, but the ski association’s management does not want him when the contract expires in the spring. The union is also considering a dismissal case, VG was able to reveal last week.

Bråthen has responded by suing his own employer. And it has the support of athletes, coaches and sponsors, who are now turning off the money tap for the association in protest.

EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE: Oddny Estenstad at Trønderhopp requested confidentiality. This is one of Erik Røste’s answers.

Ski President Erik Røste responded to Estenstad after an hour on Monday, August 23. The ski top repeated what it has expressed in the media: That Clas Brede Bråthen has an unacceptable form of communication.

“So far we have saved him to tell these stories, but it is coming that we have to.” wrote Røste to Estenstad.

He asked to inform the jump committee leader, Alf Tore Haug, about the support, and received the green light from the Trønder jump leader. He noted that he has a regular dialogue with Haug, who knows what Estenstad thinks about the case.

“I fear the consequences for our athletes if Trønderhopp is found to have a different opinion than the ‘rest’ of Hopp-Norge” Estenstad also responded.

The clock was approaching 23.00 when Røste replied again:

“Yes, so it took another long day to follow up on this case. Completely desperate.” thought the ski president.

The next day, Tuesday, August 24, Trøndelag’s reply came:

“Esten Sæther’s (Dagbladet commenter, journ.anm.) Comment that the jumping community is falling apart is nonsense. We are also part of the jumping community ».

JUMP MANAGER: Clas Brede Bråthen believes that the NSF leadership has treated him unfairly.

VG has contacted Clas Brede Bråthen and provided him with the information in this case.

In a message, the jump leader writes:

“There is no reason why Erik Røste should ‘forgive me’. I have repeatedly asked the management of the Norwegian Ski Federation to be open, and specifically to, the situations that form the basis of the accusations about my form. communication and behavior unacceptable. Something that until now has not been as I see it. “

The sea about what Bretten Berg and the ski association lawyer have testified about Bråthen and the dispute in this case.

Bråthen has sued the ski association because he believes he is entitled to a permanent job after 17 years in temporary positions. This week came the next the news that the ski association has summoned him for a discussion meeting next week.

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This may be the first step towards the removal of Clas Brede Bråthen.

Here is the full response from national team manager Alexander Stöckl, confronted with the fact that Oddny Estenstad fears the withdrawal of the Trønderhopp athletes if support for Røste is made public:

«I think that is unfounded. The process is such that the national team manager, in consultation with the coaching staff, support staff and local coaches, selects a team that we believe is the best to perform in international competitions. Decisions are always made with the athlete in focus, completely independent of personal circumstances. During my time as coach of the national team, the sports director has never interfered in sports decisions. Also, we have a very good collaboration with the Trønderhopp coaches and they do a good job. This is reflected in the results at the highest level. The two athletes who have managed to win the World Cup together in the last ten years are athletes who have trained in Trondheim under the auspices of Trønderhopp. In addition, Trønderhopp has won four medals in the last two Olympic Games.

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