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– This shows how good Maren is as a role model.

Line Jahr, a longtime friend of Maren Lundby’s national team, believes that the queen of the jump with the decision to leave the Olympics shows how thoughtful she is as an elite athlete.

OPEN: Maren Lundby is praised for her outspokenness.

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The two were together on the national jump team for six or seven years. Now Line Jahr is the coach of the new generation of women’s sweaters.

Lundby says Thursday in an interview with NRK that she not willing to lose weight in an indefensible way to prepare for the Olympics. For Oppland Arbeiderblad, the twin says she weighs “a few extra pounds” to be able to claim the top.

– Maren could have taken a shortcut and delivered a real blow that would have characterized her for the rest of her life, and that would not have been beneficial to the jumping girl in general. But Maren has chosen to take things the right way, as she always has, this shows what a good role model Maren is, says Line Jahr, repeating herself:

SILVER IN FALUN: From left to right: Line Jahr, Anders Bardal, Maren Lundby and Rune Velta took silver in the mixed team competition during the 2015 World Cup.

– This underscores the role model that she is as an athlete. The body and health are more important than a performance at the Olympic Games. That is a very nice attitude. It’s something that I also try to live with a little later in my job as a girl’s jump coach, says Jahr.

– I’m proud that Maren makes the decision she makes, even though it’s boring for Norwegian jumping. But I support 100 percent that she makes that decision now. It is further proof of the thoughtful athlete that Maren is. A very good role model.

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Former high jumper Anders Jacobsen says “Maren is once again the one setting a good example.”

– Weight is an important part of being a ski jumper. So you have to make the decision to take that fight, but that fight gets more difficult as you get older. Now it is too late to turn it around before the season, it cannot be done responsibly. It’s Maren’s right choice. I can only hope that we can see her back anyway and that she finds the motivation.

ROSER LUNDBY: Anders Jacobsen and Johan Remen Evensen.

He is supported by Johan Remen Evensen. In 2012, he resigned at age 26, just one year after setting a world record.

Remen Evensen realized then that “the body had had enough” and that he had long struggled to reach the optimum weight for a ski jumper.

– My immediate thought is that it is a shame and a shame that we lost such a great and profiled athlete as Maren in such an important season. It’s boring and sad that Maren ended up in that situation, she tells VG.

The expert commentator praises Lundby’s decision to be outspoken.

– Of course he’s very brave. She knows what questions come up in the media. There is nothing that has appeared overnight, it has probably been going on for a while now and you have come to the conclusion that you need a little break. Hopefully I can come back. It’s a brave decision, you think.

Line Jahr says she has known about Lundby’s weight issues for a while, but only became aware of Lundby’s choice today.

– What can you say about women’s weight and jumps?

– Of course, it is an issue where those who want to perform at the top, know what it takes to have a competitive weight. But at the level that I am a coach, we are well aware that weight does not determine if they can succeed with their big goals in five-six-seven years, she says.

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