Wednesday, October 27

The riddle Ødegaard – the giant Berg

Here is the Aftenposten player exchange after Turkey-Norway.

Martin Ødegaard failed to impress the game against Turkey, but created the great opportunity that Moi put out in extra time.

Norway (4–3–3):

  • Ørjan Håskjold Nyland 5

    He tried to get as big as possible before Turkey made it 1-0, but he couldn’t. Otherwise, the Bournemouth reserve was safe and well despite very little playing time in recent years.

  • Marcus Holmgren Pedersen 5

    Healthy like a horse. Once again he reached many positions, once again he was regular with precision. When he starts hitting, he’ll become an even bigger offensive threat. Good control backwards.

  • Andreas Hanche-Olsen 4

    He spoiled before the Turks’ leading goal early in the match. So a little shaken right after that, but played. Strong in duels, good at positioning himself, but seemed a bit stressed when he had the ball.

  • Stefan Strandberg 6

    The boss of the four behind. He stopped where he was going and sped away in great style, but he got into trouble the times the Turks sped across the ground. Safe and good with the ball.

  • Birger Meling 6

    Definitely in great shape. It slid up and down along the left edge. Well on the defensive, eager for the future. Admittedly, he didn’t make Hanche-Olsen’s job easier with the pass before Turkey scored.

  • Martin Ødegaard 5

    He worked and fought, but he is not yet the creative force offensively. How to get even more out of it? It is a mystery to Solbakken. Make a goal pass just before the end. It’s a shame Moi didn’t take a chance.

  • Patrick Berg 7

    The giant of Norway. If it continues like this, it won’t be long before Glimt’s graceful midfield leaves Norwegian football. He led the midfield with simple and redeeming passes. Strong and wise position. Its best international.

  • Morten Thorsby 6

    Run, break and fight as always. He closed the score in the game after the break. The yellow card he received after the break means that the match against Montenegro is lost. He will be missed.

  • Mohamed Elyounoussi 5

    He could have been the big hero when he got the chance with Ødegaard’s pass in the final seconds. Too bad the end came out. Eager, always playable, but a bit uneven.

  • Kristian Thorstvedt 6

    Surprisingly he got the position as a midfielder. He did the best he could in an unknown role. Thanks for the confidence when you put the ice cream at 1-1. Cunning and painful to pressure the Turks.

  • Jens Petter Hauge 4

    A little weak, dizzy and invisible at times. But sometimes also brilliant. We hope that he develops his full potential in the national team.

  • Veton Berisha

    Reach the top for Thorstvedt 15 minutes before the end. He never had the scoring opportunity he hoped for, but he did land a free kick in a dangerous position.

  • Mats Møller Dæhli

    Enter a quarter of an hour before the end for Hauge. Eager and playful as always.

  • Fredrik Aursnes

    He replaced Berg the fourth quarter. He scored with calm and pleasant passes.

  • Julian Ryerson

    I have a few minutes at the end. I have to show off with a good post.

Reviewed by Bertil Valderhaug, Erlend Nesje, Nicholas Bergh, and Daniel Røed-Johansen.

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