Wednesday, October 27

Sandviken was not swayed. – It’s easy to lose focus, but it hasn’t happened here.

A normal day of work and one more step towards league gold.

Here, the Sandviken players cheer for the 2-0 that punctured the match.

Sandviken – Stabæk 3-0 (1-0)

After the match, the Sandviken players lined up in front of the stands at Stemmemyren. Rather than applaud the audience, they cheered for three solid points at home against Stabæk.

The match was “in the middle of the tree” by coach Alexander Straus’ standard, but it didn’t matter.

The week has been marked by a lot of media noise, both in Bergen and at the national level, after the case the photographs that were taken from Sandviken’s wardrobe because they were “disturbing”.

However, there wasn’t much that came close to nervousness and lack of focus, at least not with archer Aurora Mikalsen.

Goalkeeper Aurora Mikalsen put heart to her throat but still received applause from the stands for her footwork.

Early in the game, long before Sandviken was in control, the goalkeeper simulated the Stabæk forward with a daring spin on his own 16 meters. Then, she threw the ball back and played with the plug, all while ferocious bears pushed inches away.

– This is not an everyday meal for us. It’s easy to get carried away and lose focus, but it hasn’t happened here, says Mikalsen, who calls it a professional implementation from start to finish.

– But to save Alex’s heart (Strauss, coach), I will drop that turn, unless absolutely necessary. I think it was here, continue.

Regular day at work

Coach Alexander Straus believes this was a performance that showed the professionalism of the group. He calls it an achievement “in the middle of the tree”, but at the same time with a big difference in level.

A normal work day, in other words.

– We’ve only done what we do every week. Regardless of all possible things, we must relate to the fact that there is attention around us when we are where we are. Handle players well.

Straus will not comment on the photographic case that has been in the media lately.

– Others can. I will train this team to perform at its best. There’s a bit of that to keep us focused.

Vilde Hasund scored goals and provided a penalty in the match.

Scoring was the turning point

The first just half an hour, the match was a fairly close affair, with Sandviken’s occasional chance as the exception.

Then the mood broke out in a nearly full rostrum in Stemmemyren.

Vilde Hasund received the pass from Rakel Engesvik. He went left first, then right, before passing the ball to a Stabæk goalkeeper as desperate as the defense in front of him. To play the drums and stomp the crowd.

From then on, Sandviken definitely took control of the party.

Ten minutes after the break, Elisabeth Terland had a gigantic opportunity, but put the ball out from just a few yards.

Here, Vilde Hasund receives the penalty with which Sandviken punctured the match.

The game died down and for a long time seemed to ebb into a 1-0 victory. Then Hasund woke up again.

A long pass for the scorer, before she again sent a Stabæk defense into the sausage arc. Stabæk’s Silje Bjørneboe got up after Hasund and cut her from behind, clinking the penalty.

– He had come alone with the goalkeeper, so it was probably a goal, says Hasund.

Goals were scored anyway. Marit Bratberg Lund made no mistake from the penalty spot and doubled the lead.

Finally, Sandviken passed over Stabæk with a counter game textbook example. A long pass from Maria Brochmann to Kennya Cordner, before the latter made a few feints and ended the contact, was the stroke of mercy.

Sandviken players applaud Kennya Cordner’s score.

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