Wednesday, October 27

Støre briefed the parliamentary group on the government’s work

The Storting met on Saturday to elect a new presidency.

The Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party have agreed to form a government. Today, Støre told the Storting group how the work has been.

The Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party have said they want to present their declaration of government on Wednesday next week. On Thursday they will take over the government offices and present the new government.

The government statement, which has yet to be named, has been primarily negotiated, according to Støre.

The parties spend the weekend tuning and anchoring in the parties. And that’s exactly what Støre went through on Saturday afternoon.

Today at 2 pm, the stage was set to brief the Storting group on the work in relation to the negotiations. However, there was no information on the government platform, it will be presented to the group next Wednesday.

– We gather the group when we can before we start in earnest. We will give you some status on where we are on the calendar, Støre tells Aftenposten.

– Do you think Labor voters will be happy with the new platform?

– I hope so. We have negotiated to meet our schedule, our 100-day plan, and lots of input.

He says they have created a platform on which both the Labor Party and the Center Party can recognize each other.

– And from that process, there will be some new commonalities that are exciting.

Jonas Gahr Støre has largely finished the new government statement.

Looking left

According to NRK Støre will now start calling candidates for prime minister.

– Yes, we are at that stage now. When we left Hurdal yesterday, it was clear to us that the Labor Party and the Center Party can form a government together, says Støre. NRK.

However, Hurdal’s two comrades depend on the support of another party for a majority in the Storting. The parties have 76 seats out of a total of 169. Therefore, they lack 9 seats to exceed the budget or other individual issues in the Storting.

Støre has made it clear that SV will be a natural partner for them in such cases. However, several have been concerned that the new government may seek cooperation from the right in some areas.

Jonas Gahr Støre was in Oslo on Saturday afternoon to, among other things, brief the Labor Party parliamentary group on the negotiations with the Center Party.

Red-green disagreement in various areas

When Wednesday rolls around, there is a lot of tension related to what they have done with the areas where the parties disagree. Labor and Social Democrats have much in common, but also a number of issues that separate them.

Climate policy, police reform, abortion and family policy are some of the areas in which the parties have different opinions.

Støre said on the way to the group meeting on Saturday that they have handled it well.

– We have solved the difficult issues well.

A little bit left

The new government statement was the subject of the party group meeting, Støre says afterward.

– I can not share the content of it. But I repeat that we have dealt with what is important to us and that it was created in a climate of cooperation that is absolutely necessary to reach an agreement, and that I hope that we will now really use it in the greater cooperation in government. but also here at the Storting, he says.

It adds that it is “concerned that SV is also participating as partners in the Storting cooperation.”

– They are not in the government, but we are on the same side in politics and we share a large part of the leadership.

– Is the government declaration completely ready or is there a little left?

– There are some small nudges left.

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