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Three rookies contributed as BK Tromsø started with a win

Victory for the BK Tromsø men’s and women’s team at the season premiere.

From left to right: Karoline Bjerkreim (21), Hanne-Lovise Johansen (21) and Sara Krumsvik (21) debuted for BK Tromsø.

BK Tromsø- KFUM Volda 3–1 (25–22, 25–17, 31–33 and 25–19)

The newly crowned Norwegian champions from the BK Tromsø women’s team started the season with a home game against YMCA Volda in Tromsøhallen on Saturday afternoon. BK won the first two sets relatively well with numbers 25-22 and 25-17. The third set was a true marathon, which finally gave way to YMCA Volda Road 33-31.

In the fourth set, however, the home team was in full control and thus started the season in the best possible way in front of their own home crowd. In addition to the points, they were also able to enjoy the first appearances of three debutants in the BK suit.

Three newcomers from Førde

Karoline Bjerkreim, Sara Krumsvik and Hanne-Lovise Johansen, all 21, have joined the club after previously playing for Førde.

– I was nervous beforehand, but it was good to start, says Johansen, who believes his new team still has a little to do.

– This was the first game and it reflects our performance, says Johansen, who is studying to become a teacher alongside volleyball.

– We have more to go on, but it was not a bad match for us, adds Krumsvik, who has started his physiotherapy education in the city.

The three of them have found themselves at ease in Tromsø.

– It is a beautiful city with nice people. And then there is a good team of players who give it their all in training, says the trio.

How does the level compare to Førde?

– It’s probably a little taller. There are many experienced players that we can learn from and reach out to, while there was a young team in Førde where we had to help set the standard, says Karoline Bjerkreim, who is in her first year of sports studies in her new hometown.

I had to stand on the cup final: – It would be weird to play there

BK Tromsø chose to use only the players who had led the club to the cup final against Koll. It was a decision that the newcomers fully understood.

– It was completely fair, and it had actually been a bit strange to play that game. It shows that the club is loyal to the players who led the team to the final, and they wouldn’t have fully deserved it if we played there. We should do our best to be able to experience it again, the former Førde players agreed.

The trio praises their new teammates for the way in which they have handled the return to everyday life after the great triumph of the cup.

– It takes a while to get down after winning such an important match, but it wasn’t long before they reconnected and began to focus on the start of the series.

He also wins for the men’s team

The BK Tromsø men’s team also started the season on Saturday. They beat OSI 3-0 in sets earlier in the day. Peder Ørbeck Sørheim and Erlend Isaksen were BK Tromsø’s top scorers, both with twelve points.

Both the men’s and women’s teams will face Førde and TIF Viking, respectively, for a double away game in two weeks.

Peder Ørbeck Sørheim (right) and Erlend Isaksen were the top scorers for the men’s team.

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