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Extends Crown Crisis Funds Throughout the Year – E24

Støre and Vedum now announce that there is an agreement between the new government parties to extend the period of support for the crisis until the new year.

SAFETY FOR THE YEAR: Jonas Gahr Støre and Trygve Slagsvold Vedum now announce that they will extend the crisis funds to last the rest of the year.

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– We have the attitude that the crisis support plan should last as long as the crisis lasts.

This is what the future prime minister of the country, Jonas Gahr Støre (Labor Party) says. He and Trygve Slagsvold Vedum (Sp) are now announcing that they will extend crisis support schemes to crown victims throughout the year.

– There are ongoing improvements in the labor market, and there are reasons to be hopeful that layoffs may return to work and that there may be jobs. The solidarity we have shown in the crisis should now be fully maintained and therefore people should have security for the rest of the year, Støre tells VG.

Return to normalcy in 2022

The Labor leader emphasizes that the issues will be discussed with those affected, but that the goal is to return to normal on January 1, and that they hope to normalize the country’s economy.

With these support schemes, we reach both the self-employed and the salaried employees. Especially autonomous, when the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party functioned well in the Storting. We will have income security for both employees and the self-employed who have been a vulnerable group during the crisis. Fortunately, the economy is improving now and we are on the right track, says Vedum.

FRIENDS OF THE CRISIS PACKAGE: Jonas Gahr Støre (Labor Party) and Trygve Slagsvold Vedum (Sp) pictured at the Storting last year in connection with negotiations with the government on a third crisis package.

Need for special arrangements

– Is it relevant to continue supporting the crisis beyond the new year?

– We must always make a reservation with a crown, but the way things look now, the plan is that we give people predictability until January, but that we are at full speed towards normalization, and that when 2021 ends, we will leave the crown behind.

However, Støre allows groups with special needs to receive greater support in the event of a crisis.

– So hopefully the time is right for general and broad schemes. We got taxi drivers and others who were hit hard on the schemes. But when the general outlines period ends, it may be necessary to look for groups that need special monitoring, Støre says.

It also highlights the needs related to mental health due to the corona pandemic, which could extend beyond the pandemic itself in Norway.

– There are many who have experienced health, mental health and other problems that have not ended just because the economy is working again. We have to keep track of them in particular, says Støre.

– Positive development

Støre highlights tourism as a sector that has been the focus for much of it and has been hit hard by the corona pandemic.

– But there is also a positive evolution, and there are reasons to believe that people return to work before returning to the activity one hundred percent, says Støre.

– Have you calculated what this will cost?

– Hopefully as little as possible. Too many industries are up and running again. You have some cost estimates, but it’s a bit difficult, because things change quickly. Our goal is to provide the greatest possible security to the population, says Vedum.

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