Wednesday, October 20

He had to cancel the game at halftime due to lack of light on the field

– We have notified the municipality several weeks ago, but we have not received any help. Today the judge said to stop, says Espen Edvardsen in Djerv.

That’s how it was when Djerv played Os 2 at Møhlenpris on Sunday night.

On Sunday night, the Møhlenpris rostrum was packed with football fans who wanted to watch the match between Djerv and Os 2.

At halftime, however, this ended abruptly, after the judges had had a chat in the dark under a light pole without light.

– I chose to cancel the match because there is no satisfactory lighting on the field. It was so dark that the match could not be carried out safely and optimally, says referee Markus Lille.

Obtained by the autumn darkness

Espen Edvardsen is chairman of the main board of Djerv. He says that about half of the 18 bulbs around the field are not working, and that this has been a problem for a long time.

One by one they have disappeared.

– We notified the municipality several weeks ago, but we have not received any help. Today, the judge said stop, he says.

Edvardsen says that one of the masts has no light and is very dark in various parts of the field.

– It can be dangerous to play there, he says.

He says none of the lights stopped working during the actual game this Sunday. They also did not work before the game.

– The problem now is that the autumn darkness has overtaken us, he says.

Sunday’s game started at 6pm

– This was an important match for both teams in terms of avoiding relegation. So this was very sad, says Edvardsen.

He says it seems stupid to him that the municipality has not done anything to repair the bulbs, and that now he just hopes they are at least fixed for Christmas.

– I don’t really know what we’re going to do right now. Maybe we should start moving the struggles into working hours, he says resignedly.

Must take the second round another day

Os 2 were leading 1-0 over Djerv when the match was interrupted.

The second half of the match is postponed to another day and time, according to the referee.

– I can’t say anything about the weather by. now, says Lille.

Stian Kvåle is the coach of Os 2. He says that they did not want to interrupt the game, and that it will be very heavy and hard for the team that moves the second half.

– Next weekend is the last round of the series, and then we have to start traveling and playing 45 minutes elsewhere in the middle of the week. It is terribly exhausting. I’ve never been involved in anything like this, he says.

We will investigate the case

Per Fedje is the sports services operations manager in the municipality.

He says that he cannot comment on the actual case of the course in Møhlenpris at this time, but that he can comment generally.

– Every fall we visit all the soccer fields to see if everything works. If a bulb does not work, we will replace it. An electrician company is responsible for this work, says Fedje.

– We try to replace all the broken bulbs before the darkness of autumn comes, he adds.

This is a common practice, according to him.

– It may be that not all courses have been visited yet. We typically respond to messages faster than what is mentioned here. We will investigate the case, he says.

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