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New heavyweight drama when Fury won by knockout against Wilder again

It was a new showdown for the history books when Britain’s Tyson Fury (33) and American Deontay Wilder (35) met last night in Las Vegas. Both fighters were on the canvas before Fury won by knockout in the 11th round.

BIG DEAL: Tyson Fury (left) in action against Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas tonight.

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The WBC title and linear title in heavyweight boxing It was on the boat in the settlement that was shown on Viaplay in Norway. Fury retained the titles and remains undefeated, with 31 wins and one draw, in his career.

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The first round was even, and Wilder looked more offensive before Fury hit his butt with a nice right spin that caused Wilder to break his knees a bit. Also in the second round they were both offensive and dangerous. And it was smooth.

Fury still blocked Wilder’s head, and the ring judge gave him a powerful warning in the third round. The boxers stayed further apart, and both boxers struck with heavy blows. Wilder in particular was on offense, but Fury responded and sent Wilder to the canvas with 30 seconds left in the round with a strong right hand followed by an uppercut and a left turn.

BELOW IN THIRD: Deontay Wilder must make the first count of the match after a series of battles from Tyson Fury (right).

With only seconds to go, Wilder barely made it past after staggering to his feet.

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Wilder also seemed shaky early in the fourth round. Fury immediately fired up and didn’t give the American a respite.

Then all of a sudden everything changed.

With a minute remaining in the fourth round, Fury had to go down after taking Wilder’s famous right directly to the temple. Fury got up and boiled in the Las Vegas sand. Wilder hit with a strong new right to the butt, and Fury took the count a second time.

DOWN TWICE IN THE FOURTH: Tyson Fury had to count twice towards the end of the fourth round.

In the fifth round, there was a little less action, but Wilder dominated while Fury still seemed to shake after the two trips to the mat in the previous round. Fury was better in the sixth round and Wilder looked very tired at halftime before the seventh round.

Fury hit with a fierce uppercut and a couple of solid twists towards the end of the seventh round, but Wilder remained on his feet. The presiding judge asked that Wilder be given medical attention, but the eighth round began.

Wilder for the second time

Wilder looked fully driven on lap eight and literally limped. The medic was once more past Wilder before the ninth round began.

Fury’s victory was up in the air, but Wilder made it through the ninth round as well, even though he looked fully driven.

Almost two minutes into the 10th round, Wilder had to count for the second time after a violent right corner. Fury clapped, but the fight continued.

In round 11, it was all over after Fury scored a series of punches before Wilder fell forward and landed a third time. The referee stopped it all without counting, because Wilder was completely out.

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The third meeting

This was the third time that Fury and Wilder established themselves in the boxing ring. In 2018, it ended tie after a very dramatic match where Fury had to count twice.

In February 2020 the long-awaited second leg came, and then it was Completely superior fury until he won the seventh round TKO.

It has been only two weeks since Briton Anthony Joshua joined well deserved loss to Oleksandr Usyk in London. He then lost all four of his title belts – WBA, IBF, WBF and IBO – to the Ukrainian.

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