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Marian Hussein to be SV’s Health Leader at the Storting

Marian Hussein (left) during the official opening of the Storting on Monday. Here with SV leader Audun Lysbakken and the party’s fiscal policy spokesperson, Kari Elisabeth Kaski.

The newly elected parliamentary representative Marian Hussein (34) has worked as a social worker. He will now be in charge of SV’s health policy as a spokesperson for the party’s health policy.

On Monday King Harald officially opened the 166th Storting. On the bench in Oslo sat, among others, recent MP Marian Hussein alongside Jon Engen-Helgheim from FRP.

The 34-year-old woman was born in Somalia and came to Norway when she was ten years old. She is the first in the Storting with a Somali background and the first to wear the hijab.

– I am a minority in many areas. I can also think that I am the first Stovner has been to the Storting, says Hussein with a smile.

Now it is also clear that the recent parliamentary representative will occupy an important position for his party, as health policy spokesman for SV.

– Great honor

During the pandemic, health policy has truly become a focus of attention. The position becomes more important, as the Center Party and the Labor Party have to go to SV to get a majority in the Storting. Especially in the field of health, there are several areas in which the two government parties do not agree, and here the role of SV can be decisive.

– It is a great honor and a joy, but it is also a great responsibility, because the field of health is a very important field. It also affects many people in all important aspects of life. It is also one of the most generous committees in SV, so I know many have had it at the top of their list, says Hussein, who had the health field at the top of the wish list.

She believes the pandemic has shown how important it is to work both with health preparedness and against a class-divided health care system.

– I myself am a health professional. “I have worked in the municipal health service and I know how important it is to have enough staff and adequate working conditions,” says Hussein.

Dental health, mental health and the model of trust in health, which is the current model of organization of hospitals that SV wants to bring out, are other issues that it wants to raise.

– Must be related to SV

– You went to the polls about dental health reform. Is this a breakthrough that you will demand in the negotiations with the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party?

– I would say that of course we will, without clarifying with the negotiator. Our priorities in the election campaign are also priorities that we will monitor during the Storting period, he says.

As is well known, SV withdrew from talks about a possible government collaboration with the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party. The party stated that the motive for the SV cases was too small. But Hussein acknowledges that SV in the Storting will have an impact on much of his politics.

– The Labor Party must remember that they need 85 representatives behind them here in the House. Unless they intend to go downhill skiing between right and left, they should relate to SV, says Hussein.

She says she understands Støre so he comes to SV first.

– This is something we have worked very hard for, so we will also follow up here at the house.

Marian Hussein on the Oslo bench in the Storting, alongside Jon Engen-Helgheim (Frp) and Michael Tetzschner (Conservatives).

The light tray for the control committee

It was at a group meeting on Saturday that Hussein was elected health policy spokesperson. It was previously known that SV Deputy Leader Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes will play the role of negotiator of SV. It is a new role that has been established on the basis of SV’s new status as a parliamentary basis for a Støre government.

SV leader Audun Lysbakken naturally continues as parliamentary leader, and the two deputy leaders Kirsti Bergstø and Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes are deputy parliamentary leaders.

More surprising is that Audun Lysbakken joins the constitution and control committee. The committee’s task is to monitor that the government and administration implement the policy adopted by the Storting.

When asked if it is to show that SV is a true opposition party, Lysbakken replies that it is “easier than that”.

– I am interested in the topics of the committee and I have the longest experience in the group, so it is natural that I accept it. Especially because it is one of the committees that can best be combined in terms of work with being a party leader and a parliamentary leader, he says.

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