Wednesday, October 20

“Travel back to England, stay in shape and continue like this to Holland”

Here is the Aftenposten player exchange after Norway-Montenegro.

Norwegian full and applause after Mohamed Elyounoussi scored 1-0 in the first half. The party continued into the evening.

Norway (4–3–3):

  • Ørjan Håskjold Nyland 5

    He has barely played the first team in recent years, but he still oozes security and routine. Don’t do big tests.

  • Marcus Holmgren Pedersen 6

    Up and down like an elastic motor on the right side. Lightning fast and eager forwards, good backwards too. Norway really has a high-class international backing in the first year of Hammerfest.

  • Andreas Hanche-Olsen 7

    What revenge after the defeat in Istanbul! Raw strong in the duel game. Stylishly cleaned in front of its own box. There were also many dangerous attempts by the guests.

  • Stefan Strandberg 7

    Once again imposing in central defense. Cleaned both on the ground and in the air. He also kept his cool with the ball on his legs when he needed it. Absolutely boss.

  • Birger Meling 6

    Relaxed with fear as he let the edge pass behind his back. Otherwise, good defensive control. A little less forward than we are used to from that edge before the break. More with after the rest.

  • Martin Ødegaard 6

    It’s not easy being a defensive player when the Norway captain comes chasing you in the press game. Much more involved than in previous matches. He played with small margins and made several simple passing errors, but always an offensive threat.

  • Patrick Berg 5

    The stabilizer in midfield was not as dominant as against Turkey. He started off with some serious passing errors, but became more and more friendly with the ball throughout the game.

  • Mohamed Elyounoussi 7

    It provided a magical evening for full stands. Travel back to England, stay in shape and continue like this to Holland in a month. Great header at 1-0, an equally good corner kick in extra time.

  • Møller Dæhli 6 floor mats

    Finally confident from the start after several good entries. He got very involved and quickly teamed up with Holmgren Pedersen many times. Close to scoring on shots in the first half.

  • Kristian Thorstvedt 4

    I work hard as a forward with my back a lot facing the goal. Will was greater than skills in this fight, but you put in the effort.

  • Jens Petter Hauge 4

    He tried and tested every time he got the ball. But it failed more often than not. Not as strong on pressure as the other offensive players. Take off at the break.

  • Fredrik Aursnes 5

    He replaced Hauge in the last 45 minutes. He played in the safe, and also made some good combinations with Moi and Meling on the left wing.

  • Veton Berisha

    Please enter 27 minutes before the end. He joined in for a good part of the game, but made several wrong decisions.

  • Dennis Johnsen

    27 minutes as a substitute for Møller Dæhli. The rookie immediately made a name for himself with a good position. Fresh entry.

  • Stian gregersen

    By Ødegaard ten minutes before the end.

  • Ruben gabrielsen

    In the butt when Hanche-Olsen had to go out with an injury.

Reviewed by Bertil Valderhaug, Erlend Nesje, and Daniel Røed-Johansen.

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