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– Don’t expect it to be like this

Louis van Gaal (70) describes the Norwegian settlement as a “battle of fate”, says they are not good at playing a draw and does not like Ståle Solbakken’s men being in the firing line for group victory and the final of the World Cup. .

EXPERIENCED: Ajax, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, Manchester United. Louis van Gaal has been one of the most sought after soccer coaches in the world throughout his life. Now he is trying to take the Netherlands to the World Cup.

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If the Netherlands beat Montenegro and Norway does the job against Latvia, everything is set for a pure group final in Rotterdam on November 15. The winner goes directly to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

“Norway continues to push” Orange “into World Cup qualifying rounds,” he writes. General newspaper about decisive battles. The Telegraph describes it all as a “climax,” while International soccer believes that the Netherlands should take care of “passionate Norway”.

They point to the violent celebration of the goal after Mohamed Elyounoussi’s 2-0 against Montenegro and that Stefan Strandberg describes the national team coach Ståle Solbakken as “Klin gal”.

Another madman, at least in name, is the Dutch coach Louis van Gaal. The 70-year-old is a ring fox in soccer and is in his third term as coach of the national team. Van Gaal has experienced most things, but admits that the situation is far from ideal before the “battle of destiny.”

– I don’t think they reach us on goal difference, and we have solved that ourselves. That is a great advantage. But then it all depends on the battle of fate at home against Norway. And the Dutch are not so good at playing a draw. I hope that is not the case, he says. The Telegraph.

This is the status of the Norway group before the last two games:


The Netherlands is a proud footballing nation, but failed to qualify for the previous World Cup. It won’t happen again, and van Gaal expects strong public support when Norway visits.

– We will not take the first match against Montenegro lightly. But until the last game we will play here, in front of a packed stadium and the atmosphere will be as fantastic as it is tonight, says the manager after his 6-0 win over Gibraltar.

If Norway loses or plays a draw against the Netherlands, it could still be a World Cup final, a bit depending on how Turkey does in their last two matches.

The group rider must go through a demanding repetition to secure a place in the World Cup. It will happen in March of next year. Then twelve teams make up the playoff pot: the ten group runners-up from the European qualifiers, plus the UEFA Nations League of innovation, which was played in the fall of last year, will cross their way into the World Cup playoffs. World.

Norway did not get this additional ticket to the playoffs and therefore must be number two in the group to get there. Championship-winning nations like Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, and the Czech Republic, among others, are probably waiting here. Of these twelve teams, there is only room for three at the World Cup.

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