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– Joy is difficult to describe.

Bente Skeibrok, leader of the local association in Lyngdal Red Cross.

Bente Skeibrok, leader of the local association in Lyngdal Red Cross.

The Lyngdal Red Cross experiences poignant scenes when they invite you to dance on the pier, nights of bingo and bowling. Without the support of Sparebanken Sør, the moments of joy would have been less.

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– The monetary gifts from the bank mean that we can offer enjoyable events for our members much more frequently. They really appreciate it, says Bente Skeibrok.

She is the leader of the local Lyngdal Red Cross association, which for several years has received small and large monetary donations from Sparebanken Sør in Lyngdal. The association, for example, received support for bingo nights and bowling nights. They have also organized a dance on the pier where disabled people between the ages of 15 and 65 have enjoyed dancing, food and accordion.

– The atmosphere of those nights is difficult to describe. The joy is so great, if it’s just about winning a small prize at bingo, says Skeibrok.

A generous supporter

When Lyngdal Red Cross was going to get a new clubhouse a few years ago, they got good deals on loans from Sparebanken Sør in Lyngdal, as well as gift money that was used for new furniture and technical equipment.

– The bank has been very generous to us. We are very grateful to have such good support, says Skeibrok.

Sparebanken Sør is also the main sponsor of the Lyngdal Animal Show, where Lyngdal Red Cross is among the organizers.

– Thanks to the bank, we can keep the event. The bank is always physically present at the event with its own booth and ATM, and this is something that people really appreciate.

Skeibrok strongly encourages others to request gift support from Sparebanken Sør.

– Our local bank is very good at supporting local initiatives and contributes very positively to the local community, he says.
Here you can request financial support

At Lyngdal Animal Show, children meet Henry the doll, among other things.

Will give back to the community

– It is great to receive these types of comments. Contributing to something positive for the local population is exactly the intention of these gifts, says Ivar Lindal, governor of the Sparebanken Sør regional bank in Lyngdal.

Sparebanken Sør is the largest bank in the region and has given gifts to teams, associations, sports and culture for almost 200 years. They hope to continue to do so for at least two hundred new years.
– We want to be a community builder in which we return parts of the values ​​we create to the local community, says Lindal.

Ivar Lindal, Regional Bank Manager for Sparebanken Sør.

The bank offers monetary gifts large and small that will benefit the local population.
– Everyone can apply, and many do, says the governor of the regional bank.
Some of the large monetary donations have gone towards the construction of a stage in the center of the city in connection with the remodeling of the pedestrian street, and an art course in the center of the city. The bank also supports a variety of teams and associations, such as the Austad history team, which organized the magazine, and the Lyngdal cycling club, which organized a cycling race for children and youth.

– Many associations have tight club coffers and limited funds, but enormous charitable endeavors. It is a pleasure to be able to contribute to good initiatives by giving donations, says Lindal.

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