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My mother was almost 100 when she escaped. By his own power.

  • Toril Brekke
Author Toril Brekke has seen dementia up close for many years. Shouldn’t doctors stop the suffering of other human beings? she asks.

There must be a more humane way to die.

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Aftenposten and A-magasinet recently mentioned active euthanasia related to ALS disease, partly in a column by Ragnhild Nyhus, affected by ALS, and partly in an editorial article. Here it appears that around three-quarters of the Norwegians surveyed are in favor of active euthanasia (euthanasia), while roughly the same number of doctors are against it.

And we can read that in the Netherlands, a country where euthanasia has been allowed since 2002, this is supported today by 90 percent of the country’s health professionals.

While, on the other hand, it is mentioned that the now-resigned Minister of Family Affairs Kjell Ingolf Ropstad (KrF) only refused to investigate the matter.

I am one of the many who are in favor. And I want to link the argument to insanity here.

I thought I had been to the moon

I have seen dementia up close for many years. First it was about my grandmother who thought I was my aunt. Then it was his sister who thought he had been to the moon. Later, my great-aunt congratulated me that one of my sons had won Olympic gold on the slalom track. (I did not have it).

But it was only when his neighbors raised the alarm that we started working to get him a place in a nursing home. Neighbors called because the old woman had started to open the staircase door wide before going to bed.

We asked him why he did it.

It is so that Jesus finds me more easily, he explained. I want to die right now.

She was sure she would be “evil” if she “lost her mind,” as she put it. He had some terrible memories. As long as he stayed alert, he controlled them, he explained. But if memories were allowed to flow freely, she could become a murderer, he said.

She who is so kind, the rest of us told each other.

But she actually got really naughty when she disappeared into the chaos.

And we, who are still healthy and relatively optimistic: Who of U.S will it be like this?

I would not stay here anymore

In recent years, it is my mother who has moved to the land of dementia. He also clearly said beforehand: He didn’t want to go there. She knew that her sister had taken her own life by stopping eating and she thought she could do the same. But it is a difficult decision, especially when one’s inner world becomes increasingly confusing.

Not long since The debate at NRK focus on malnutrition in our nursing homes. The authorities were blamed for not making sure the food was good enough, pretty enough or nutritious enough. No one mentioned the possibility of patients Will so as not to absorb the food.

When my mother died, it was as if I had a clear thought in an instant: I would no longer be here. And he closed his mouth. She chased away the nurses when they tried to feed her. He pressed his lips against the water, the food, and the medicine. He was then almost 100 years old. And she escaped. By his own power.

She escaped the confusion in her head.

Chaos and anxiety

I’ve seen it up close, the chaos, the anxiety of not capturing connections, of being alone. The physically ill with intact minds can still find out, make friends, read, watch television.

The severely insane person can no longer solve crossword puzzles or add solitaire. She does not master a remote control. You can no longer use your mobile phone. Live in a bubble of life previously lived, where memories mix.

Some days can be harmonious, when you remember beautiful things. Others get hurt when the memory images are there.

Shouldn’t doctors stop the suffering of other human beings?

The insane person struggles to clean up the remains of thoughts and images. Often times, this tiredness turns them into one that we family members only partially recognize. Some may start howling in despair because family members have no idea where they are coming from.

And we, who are still healthy and relatively optimistic: Who of U.S will it be like this?

And the woman who cried: If you could have seen herself a few decades in advance, what would she have said to doctors who think it is unethical to help her stay away from yelling?

The woman she once was no longer exists. This backwards hurts. Very painful. Shouldn’t doctors stop the suffering of other human beings?

The will of the individual

I go to the forest when the time is right, a friend of mine says, as the Indians and perhaps the Sami have done for hundreds of years. I have some bottles of brandy and a sleeping bag.

But it takes a lot to go out into the forest and lie down to die. It takes a lot of will to stop eating. It takes brute force to penetrate the mist and choose to shut your mouth when you are almost 100 years old and seriously insane.

There must be a more humane way. There must be ways to ensure that it is the individual’s own will that becomes crude, at a time when one is still ready enough to have one’s own will.

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