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Right-wing extremists are embracing cryptocurrencies

Far-right websites are full of hateful outbursts against Muslims, Jews, blacks, homosexuals, and women. Makes generous contributions in the form of cryptocurrencies, also in the Nordic region.

Far-right websites and groups are asking for monetary contributions in the form of cryptocurrencies, after being banned from banks and payment services and banks. Among those with values ​​in that currency is the neo-Nazi group The Nordic Resistance Movement (DNM). Here they march through the streets of Kristiansand.

American Daily Stormer is one of the websites that neo-Nazis and other right-wing extremists read diligently.

Since January 2017, the website’s founder, Andrew Anglin, has received a grant in the form of bitcoin, which at the current exchange rate is worth at least NOK 40 million.

Anglin is just one of several examples of far-right provocateurs receiving generous contributions. Ordinary banks want nothing to do with players like the Daily Stormer and therefore transfers are made in cryptocurrencies.

The far-right website Daily Stormer in the United States has great value in the form of cryptocurrency, provided by contributors. Founder Andrew Anglin has gone underground.

It shows Ap’s review of legal documents, Telegram channels and data from the analysis company Chainanalysis.

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Condemned to pay

Anglin has been ordered to pay more than 150 million kronor in compensation to people he and the Daily Stormer have incited and threatened in the United States, including a Jewish real estate agent in Montana, Muslim comedian Dean Obeidallah and black student leader Taylor. . Dumpson. However, no one knows where Anglin is hiding.

Far-right websites and groups are asking for monetary contributions in the form of cryptocurrencies, after being banned from banks and payment services and banks. Among those with values ​​in that currency is the neo-Nazi group The Nordic Resistance Movement (DNM). Here they march through the streets of Kristiansand.

Several addresses have been searched, but without success. During the 2016 elections, he voted in Russia, just after staying in accordance with the passport in Cambodia. Since then, there has been no trace of him. Apparently he does not have a bank account or real estate in the United States, and his bitcoin fortune is out of reach for the moment.

“We could sue the Ku Klux Klan terrorist organization and we managed to crush them to a great extent, but today it is much more difficult to do the same,” says lawyer Beth Littrell.

It is affiliated with the Southern Poverty Law Center, which helps one of Anglin’s victims try to obtain compensation.

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Enough money

Anglin himself, who in April 2020 published the article “Retard’s Guide to the use of bitcoin”, claims to have financed the Daily Stormer exclusively with cryptocurrencies for the last four years.

Banks, credit card companies, and the PayPal payment service have excluded it, so there are many indications that this is true.

– I now have enough money to pay for this website for the foreseeable future, he boasted in December last year.

Former Anglin lawyer Marc Randazza believes his client has been subject to political censorship and that it was the US authorities that forced him to switch to cryptocurrency.

– This was more like a Nazi than Andrew Anglin can hope to become. You can’t create a black market and then be surprised that there is a black market, he says.

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Ideological motives

Although Anglin was apparently forced to use bitcoin, there are also ideological and political motives behind the preference of many right-wing extremists for cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin came into being in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, when confidence in the international financial system was at an all-time low. With cryptocurrencies, one could bypass banks.

– We all know that Jews and their henchmen control the global financial system. When caught in the wrong direction, they shut you out of the system and make your life very difficult. Cryptocurrency is an alternative to this system, says a guide published by an American racist group on the Telegram messaging service.

One of the ideological guiding stars of American right-wing extremists, Richard Spencer, describes bitcoin as “the currency of the far-right movement,” a vision of many of its cognate parts.

Richard Spencer, a leading figure of right-wing American nationalists and racists, has described Bitcoin as “the currency of the far-right movement.”

Great values

Data from a sample of twelve far-right websites in the US, obtained by Chainanalysis, shows that between January 2017 and April this year, they received bitcoin contributions worth more than NOK 75 million at the rate of current change.

However, the exchange rate of bitcoin fluctuates sharply, and a few months ago the value was even higher. There is still no doubt that racist and far-right activists have great values.

– These people have real values. People with access to hundreds of thousands of dollars can cause real harm, says John Bambenek, a cryptocurrency expert who has been monitoring transfers to such environments since 2017.

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The Nordic resistance movement

Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer, who is the webmaster of the Daily Stormer, only owns bitcoins worth around 19 million crowns.

The Nordic resistance movement, the Scandinavian neo-Nazi group banned in Finland, has also received generous contributions in the form of bitcoins, according to Chainanalysis.

The same is the case with the American publisher Counter-Currents, which publishes racist literature, and Génération Identitaire, which was recently banned in France.

Social media platforms like Gab and Bitchute, which are accepted by right-wing extremists, received generous bitcoin contributions just before and after Trump supporters stormed Congress on January 6 of this year.

Ask for monero

While many of the cryptocurrencies are shrouded in secrecy, bitcoin was once built to provide full transparency. All transactions are publicly available, allowing players like Chain Analysis to keep track. Individuals can hide their identity, but transactions cannot.

Anglin does not want such transparency and is now asking donors to use the monero cryptocurrency. In February, he published a guide on how to do this, also aimed at supporters outside of the United States’ borders.

– Monero is really simple. Most importantly, it’s safe, Anglin wrote. Other far-right activists agree.


The Nordic Resistance Movement (DNM) and Counter-Currents also want monero, and DNM has encouraged its followers to mine monero for themselves.

The Nordic Resistance Movement (DNM) has received large monetary contributions in the form of cryptocurrency, research shows. Here, supporters of the neo-Nazi group march on Ludvika in Sweden.

Martin Saxlind, who is the editor of DNM’s Nordfront magazine, will not answer questions on this.

– Do you really think you have something to do with the way we handle our own finances? He writes in an email to AP.

– Swedish banks abuse their control over the economy and for political reasons deny us and other bank accounts. That is why we use cryptocurrencies. Instead, it should investigate corrupt banks, he writes.

Australian neo-Nazi Thomas Sewell, who is currently under investigation, solicits monero contributions to pay his advocates.

Jaz Searby, who led the Australian branch of the Proud Boys, only wants this cryptocurrency and promises to use contributions to “spread the message to a generation of young Aryans who feel lonely and do not understand the forces that oppose us.”

Both senses

The Global Minority Initiative, which helps imprisoned right-wing nationalists in the United States, is also calling for monero, and the anti-Semitic group Democratie Participative, which was banned in France in 2018, is warning its supporters against using cryptocurrencies other than this. . .

“Thanks to your support, we can still prevent Jews and their allies from getting a good night’s sleep,” the group wrote.

The chain analysis review shows that contributions go both ways across the Atlantic and that those who contribute financially to right-wing extremists often support several different groups and websites.

Daily Stormers contributors have also transferred cryptocurrencies to at least 32 other right-wing extremist groups in five countries.

Among those that have received donor support in the United States is the Nordic Resistance Movement (DNM).

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