Wednesday, October 27

Raise taxes for the richest

Kari E. Kaski of SV calls for higher taxes for people with higher incomes and wealth. It is a condition to support the budget of the Støre government.

– We are concerned that the richest and with great fortunes pay more in taxes. Here’s what SV finance spokeswoman Kari E. Kaski says. The Støre government must enlist the support of SV to obtain a majority for its own budget.

It was not many minutes after the Solberg government presented its farewell budget until the spotlight was on the Støre government:

  • What changes will you propose?
  • And what SV requirements must the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party meet in order to obtain the necessary majority?

– This is a bourgeois budget that continues the antisocial policy of a blue government. The differences are increased by increasing tax cuts for the richest in the country. They also continue with big social cuts, says Kari Elisabeth Kaski of SV.

According to SV, the budget also lacks investment in the green restructuring of the Norwegian economy and business.

What the SV itself will propose in its alternative budget, remains close. Attention is now turning to the political platform of the Støre government. It will be presented in Hurdal on Wednesday at 2:00 p.m.

Keeps all exits open

The danger of making demands that are already met on Wednesday, or rejected as totally unrealistic, makes SV keep all exits open.

For the moment, the party is content to repeat the slogan of the election campaign: SV wants to reduce climate emissions and reduce differences.

– How will SV reduce inequalities?

– We will present the priorities in our alternative budget. There is no doubt that a red-green majority must imply a much more powerful climate policy that reduces emissions, contributes to restructuring and reduces economic disparities.

– Do you have concrete figures or measures on how to make this happen?

– No, we present our priorities when we present our alternative budget, responds Kaski.

Total tax and duty relief during Erna Solberg’s reign is NOK 38 billion. The Solberg government has cut NOK 10.5 billion in wealth taxes. This has happened in recent years through an increase in the share discount, the so-called valuation discount, which reduces the wealth tax base.

Next year, the government proposes to reduce even more to 50 percent of the value. Taunt Kaski.

– It is a miserable priority at a time when differences are widening and there are great unmet needs in terms of well-being. Raising the tax on the richest in the country and ensuring that the majority of the people win will be part of our budget, says Kaski.

Q: I need to adjust the heading

The proposal to increase the CO2 tax by 28 percent and that the price of gasoline and diesel should no longer be protected, SV believes is a step in the right direction.

– It is good that they take up the SV thinking a bit with a bonus of green people. But many other tools must also be used, such as strengthening Enova, says Kaski.

– Reasonable with cuts in oil money

– Do you have more money to spend than the Solberg government?

– We believe that it makes sense for the current government to reduce oil spending. We are more concerned with raising taxes on the richest in the country to strengthen and expand welfare. It is important that future generations do not pay the bill for today’s tax cuts.

– Where do you want to spend the money that will be used for health and wellness?

– We won’t be specific about that now. But the municipal economy must be strengthened. And we are concerned about dental health reform. We have submitted proposals for that and we want welfare reforms. But we will return to the details, he concludes.

SV also allows “involving other matters that are not directly relevant to the budget in budget negotiations.” On the Storting’s first day of work, SV and Rødt submitted a joint proposal to “remove the commercials from the kindergarten operations”. It also gives a clue as to where there will be political conflicts in the future.

Red: Tax settlement ends.

Rødt’s fiscal policy spokesperson Maria Sneve Martinussen says the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party need to make major changes to their budget:

– It becomes parodic if in the electoral campaign you have very marked fronts between the right and the left, and then there are only small adjustments afterwards, he says.

Rødt demands that the Støre government “put an end to the tax liquidation with the right” that was opened to discounting of shares.

– Sp has been quite good at talking about the “wet settlements” that were made in the previous period. But none of them talk much about the tax break that we believe is a self-imposed straitjacket. If the deal is terminated, we can reverse the corporation tax and allow ourselves new welfare reforms, he believes.

Sigbjørn Gjelsvik, a Sps Hurdal distributor and finance spokesman, says they are concerned about “tightening the exchange rate.”

– The biggest tax cuts come once again to those who earn more than a million crowns. We must reduce the differences between people, see the whole of Norway and put the whole country into practice, says Gjelsvik. You don’t want to “go into detail now.”

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