Thursday, December 9

Several killed and injured in Kongsberg. A man arrested.

Police believe the man carried out the killings alone and are not unaware of the fact that it was an act of terrorism. The police still do not want to say anything about the number of deaths and injuries.

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Øyvind Aas, regional manager for Buskerud in the southeastern police district, says that depending on the course of events, it is natural to assess whether it is a terrorist act.

He stated this at the press conference that began shortly after 10 p.m.

The man has moved over a large area and shot people in various locations, Aas said.

At 18.13, the police received several reports that a person was walking with a weapon, which was a bow and arrow. He was arrested at 6:47 p.m., just over half an hour later.

Police had a confrontation with the man, but did not arrest him until later. Then there was a period when the police lost control of the man.

Police do not want to elaborate on the arrest at this time.

Aas says a man has been arrested and led to arrest in Drammen.

Aas also did not want to elaborate on the number of deaths and injuries.

– It is about that we notify the relatives and take care of the relatives, he says.

At the press conference earlier in the evening, Aas said that he was sadly able to confirm that several were injured and that, sadly, there were also deaths as a result of the action.

The injured have been taken to Kongsberg Hospital for treatment, Drammen Hospital is on hold.

A man was arrested after several people were injured and killed in Kongsberg.
Much of downtown Kongsberg is blocked by police on Wednesday night.

Coop confirms that the store was the setting

– We work to get traces in these places where criminal acts have occurred, in order to obtain as much information as possible about what happened, says Aas.

The entire southeastern police district is involved in the investigation.

Coop confirms that parts of the serious incident of violence in Kongsberg took place in one of the chain’s stores.

– We can confirm that there has been a serious incident in our store and that none of our employees have suffered physical injuries. Now we worry about following up on our employees, and beyond that we refer to the police investigation, says Coop communications manager Harald Kristiansen to The online newspaper.

– Extremely dramatically experienced

– It was experienced extremely dramatically. Helicopters are spinning overhead and there are lots of blue lights, says Laila Gustavsen.

She is a former secretary of state and a parliamentary representative of the Labor Party. Gustavsen lives outside the center of Kongsberg, where the murders took place, and is shocked by the events.

– That something like this could happen in a small and quiet town like ours is unreal. Those of us who live here have no idea who has been affected, injured or killed, he says.

Searching through garages and backyards

Kongsberg resident Marit Hoefle tells NTB that 21st century police are watching with flashlights in backyards and garages in the city center.

Hoefle says there has been a lot of activity during the night and many police officers have been in and out of one of his neighboring houses.

– There are many policemen dressed in black walking around here. There have also been police who have knocked on our door and asked us if we are okay, he says.

Eight ambulances, three ambulance helicopters

Ullevål Hospital OUS has established an emergency medical communications coordinating center in Health South-East at the request of Drammen Hospital in Vestre Viken.

– This is focused on helping Vestre Viken with resources, says press officer Anders Bayer. – We are currently providing eight ambulances and coordinating three air ambulances in the area, he says.

– So far, we have not been informed of any patients in Oslo. But the OUS emergency room is closely monitoring developments to help Vestre Viken when needed.

The municipality has established crisis staff and is closely monitoring the situation, says Mayor Kari Anne Sand.

A policeman searches the center of Kongsberg with a police dog.

– It is a tragedy for all those affected. I have no words, says sand VG.

The crisis team is on the move and is trying to help as needs arise, Sand reports to the newspaper.

– We try to solve the situation and take care of those affected in different ways.

According to Laagendalsposten var the entire west side of the city is evacuated and Nybrua is closed. Laagendalsposten also writes that the entire area around the old prison and Nytorget in the center of Kongsberg was cordoned off.

Laagendalsposten also writes that a witness saw the perpetrator running in Hyttegata with the police behind him and that he must have been shot. The witness also saw an injured woman at the intersection and calling for help. Several are described as seriously injured.

The newspaper further writes that the police action continues in full force. The emergency brigade must also be on site.

– We are in close dialogue with the ordinary police, says the main adviser of the PST, Martin Bernsen.

Bernsen tells Aftenposten that he cannot say anything more about why the PST is involved.

– We help with national assistance resources such as police helicopters, bomb squads and teams from the Emergency Response Troop, says press officer Unni Grøndal in the Oslo police district for NRK.

An arrow is found on a wall at Peckels Gate

– Quite a terrifying experience

One of the residents of Hyttegata, where the police action is taking place, tells Aftenposten that there was a lot of screaming and noise in the street.

– The police came to the door and asked if we were injured, and said the perpetrator had been kidnapped, he says.

– The whole building shook due to a helicopter. Quite a terrifying experience.

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