Wednesday, October 20

This is how we evaluate players after winning the main match.

Elin Sørum controlled midfield, Maria Olsvik played a good game after the national team selection. Here’s the stock market after RBK-LSK.

Rosenborg could look forward to victory in the postponed match against LSK.

Kristine Nøstmo 5

Brilliant leg parade midway at the beginning. He lost the ball shortly after, which gave the visiting team a great opportunity. Nothing could be done with 1-1.

Mali Lilleås Næss 5

Most of all he was in control on his side. Little offensively involved.

Kristine Bjørdal Leine 4

Strong in the air, but lost the duel before 1-1. Good shot blocking just before the end.

Ina Kamilla Vårhus 4

It ended up in arrears a couple of times in the first place. Better control after the break.

Maria Olsvik 6

Solid defensively, a couple of weak plays offensively in the first half. Brilliant on the other, where he was behind several good opportunities. Excellent before 2-1.

Elin Sørum 6

A very important participation on the defensive in the first place. Well with the ball the times when it was cheated. Impressed by RBK’s good periods in the second half.

Emilie Bragstad 3

He struggled with the ball on his legs and seemed a bit uncomfortable in the role of defensive midfielder. Raised in step with the team throughout the game. Strong in the air when it moved down like a plug.

Synne Skinnes Hansen 6

Good post before 1-0. After half an hour I had a great chance that I should have taken better care of him. He fell behind a lot in the second half.

Synne Amdahl Brønstad 3

You don’t get into the fight well. A good performance for Skinnes Hansen. Out for a break.

Julie Blakstad 5

A little careless with the ball in the first half. An upset for the defenders of the guests. Good luck but good score.

Lisa-Marie Karlseng abroad 3

Anonymous in the first round. He lost most of the duels. Better in the other where it combined well on some occasions.

Emilie Joramo (45 minutes to Brønstad) 5

Good jump. He participated in taking control of the midfield.

Cecilie Andreassen (22 minutes for Olsvik) –

Too little time to be considered

Sara Kanutte Fornes (22 minutes for Karlsen Utland) –

Too little time to be considered

RBK came out 4-2-3-1 with Sørum and Bragstad as the two “seated”. It stayed low in the first few minutes, sometimes too low. LSK had a great opportunity to make an unnecessary play. The home team got up and took the lead after a nice attacking play. Central, on the edge and hard post behind the LSK defense.

RBK was confident in their ability to fight back. The scariest were the moments when they managed to put Skinnes Hansen and Blakstad in good positions. LSK should have created more than it did from the opportunities given to them.

Steinar Lein sprang into action in the second half, putting Bragstad behind the striker as well as Joramo in the middle with Sørum. He immediately managed to gain control of the midfield and further disrupt LSK in the play-off phase. He created several great chances in the first quarter of the second. They lost the lead at the standoff, but they were the best team after this. Olsvik became much more involved, something LSK struggled to curb.

I pushed it a bit at the end, but it was never scary. Therefore, the second place is practically assured.

P.S. Today’s match was postponed from August and was the last of the Toppserien’s matchday 12.

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