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Bråthen lawyer with a new claim to court

AT THE EXIT? Clas Brede Bråthen (right) is not wanted by the top management of the ski association. National team coach Alexander Stöckl (left) told NRK this week that he will likely follow if Bråthen does not get a new contract.

Clas Brede Bråthen’s lawyers have sent new documents to the Oslo District Court. The Norwegian Ski Association is said to have committed to keeping him as ski jumping director until 2025.

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The information VG mentions today comes on the same day that Clas Brede Bråthen will meet with the Norwegian Ski Association for a discussion meeting. It can be the first step towards firing or firing.

If the court agrees with the assessment of Bråthen’s lawyers, then the jump manager has in practice a contract that is valid until 2025.

In June, jumping committee leader Alf Tore Haug signed a contract that he later refers to as a draft. The ski association believes that the contract lacks the signature of the general secretary to be valid.

But that doesn’t mean Bråthen’s page – in direct questions, lawyer Marit Håvemoen writes the following in an email to VG:

“I can confirm that we have sent a plea on this to the Oslo District Court, and that we interpret it in the same way, that the signature of the Secretary General was not / is not necessary.”

The background of the case is as follows:

In June, the general secretary of the ski association, Ingvild Bretten Berg, put a new contract on the table. He would link jumping manager Clas Brede Bråthen to the position for four new years. Bråthen has been a sporting director on the national jumping team, on temporary contracts, for 17 years.

Bretten Berg refused to sign the agreement presented to him by the jumping committee because it demanded behavioral changes from Bråthen.

The jumping committee leader, Alf Tore Haug, signed and dated the contract, which he sent to Bråthen. Now Haug says that Bråthen tried to cut your own job and calls it all one draft. Bråthen disagrees and wonders why someone signs and dates one draft hire. He also believe internal emails show that Haug misinforms.

The heart of the dispute is now: Is the signature of the Secretary General required for the contract to be valid?

No, says the Bråthen site. From what VG understands, then reference is made, among other things, to a document of the ski association (page two, top of the page) which states that the hiring of sports directors for temporary positions is delegated to the jumping committee.

The Norwegian Ski Federation disagrees, lawyer Nina Gundersen Sandnes informs VG:

– On behalf of the Norwegian Ski Association, I can state that on this issue there is a fundamental disagreement with Bråthen’s lawyers on the facts and the law. However, the issue is one of many disputes that will be answered in the Ski Association’s response, which will go to court next week, he says.

WANTS TO REMOVE BRÅTHEN: General Secretary Ingvild Bretten Berg.

In a lawsuit before the Oslo District Court, Bråthen demands a permanent job after being temporarily employed for 17 years. The information that VG tells today, does in the alternative believes the June contract is valid.

The father of national team jumper Halvor Granerud, Svein Granerud, asked the first questions about the problem on his Twitter account.

Svein Granerud works at the Asker ski club and works as a race leader during the World Cup in Holmenkollen. It says that according to a report from the ski board meeting on May 11, it was proposed that the job responsibility be transferred in the future to the secretary general, but that this proposal met such resistance that its processing was postponed until this date. autumn.

Meanwhile, jumping committee chairs Alf Tore Haug and Clas Brede Bråthen have signed a contract, which Haug believes is a draft.

– If the Norwegian Ski Federation cannot present a credible board report that says otherwise, then my claim is that they cannot claim that Ingvild Bretten Berg has something that she should have said in relation to this appointment, says Svein Granerud.

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He is clear that he supports Clas Brede Bråthen in the current conflict with the leadership of the Norwegian Ski Association. The same goes for 52-year-old athletes, sponsors and coaches.

– I worry, like Halvor, that things are fair. And I do not see that Clas Brede has been treated fairly in this case, when new moments constantly arise, says Granerud, who emphasizes that he has his information from what he reads in the media and on the website of the Norwegian Ski Association.

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