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Now people wonder why 34 minutes passed before the perpetrator was caught.

– The police had it first and then lost it. Kongsberg residents wonder why it took 34 minutes to arrest the perpetrator with a knife and a bow.

Gudoon Hersi and Silje Limstrand were on their way to shopping in the old town of Kongsberg when they went straight to the police search for the perpetrator. – We and others walked around here while he was on the run. It’s very disgusting to think about.

– It is awful. He’s just killing people at random. Here on our streets, says Gudoon Hersi.

– The police had it first and then lost it. It’s scary to think that they didn’t take him away until 6:47 p.m.

She and her friend Silje Limstrand were on their way through the old town when they went directly to the police search for the perpetrator.

– We and others walked around here while he was on the run. It’s very disgusting to think about.

Among the beautiful and pleasant wooden houses of the idyllic old town of Kongsberg, five people were killed and two seriously injured in what the police are now investigating as a possible terrorist act.

Investigators and forensic scientists on their way through the Peckels Gate between beautiful wooden houses and idyllic alleys in the historic old town of Kongsberg.

34 cruel minutes in the old town

At 1.1 kilometers away, at the Kongsberg Police Station, the police received the first desperate messages from eyewitnesses at 18.13, who recounted that a person shot people with a bow and arrow in the old town.

It is not yet known with certainty when the police arrived at the exact location.

The 37-year-old perpetrator is a Danish citizen living in Kongsberg.

At the Coop Extra store and at the Nytorget post office, people were running for their lives to escape. It is in this area where the police must have been first in the process of arresting the man. But the perpetrator escaped.

People on the street ran to shops and houses for shelter.

The doors were closed to prevent anyone from entering.

At the intersection of the Myntgata and Peckels gate, a small trace of the dramatic minutes can be seen, in the form of a long black arrow that has been pierced into the wall of the main gate of the security company Vekter og alarmservice.

At 6:47 p.m., the author was arrested.

One of the injured is a policeman, who was in the store in his spare time when the attack occurred.

Police are investigating the Coop store on Nytorget in Kongsberg, where the police will attempt to arrest the perpetrator for the first time.

– At first I thought this is not serious. This is Kongsberg.

The two friends Gudoon Hersi and Silje Limstrand had no idea what to expect when they left their home one block from Nytorget in Kongsberg’s old town at 6.30pm.

They had planned to go downtown to shop, but postponed the trip for ten minutes.

They also had a package to pick up at the post office.

– The first thing we saw were two police cars and blue lights, says Gudoon Hersi of what he found in Nytorget in front of the Coop store.

– At first I thought this was not serious. This is Kongsberg, says Silje Limstrand (22).

Then the helicopter came floating and more and more police cars arrived. There were flashing lights everywhere and loud noises. Then we quickly realized that something happened, says Limstrand.

– We are in the old town of little Kongsberg. Nothing ever happens here. There are only nice little cafes, cozy shops, and people out for walks here, says Gudoon Hersi. He was born and raised in Kongsberg and works at Vestsiden ungdomsskole.

Several other neighbors Aftenposten talks about ask the same question.

How could the attack last so long?

Everyone knows that it only takes a couple of minutes to drive from Kongsberg Police Station to Myntgaten. On the other hand, traces of blood and findings of victims show in several different places that the assailant moved quickly.

An arrow is drilled into the wall at Myntgata in Kongsberg, and testifies to the drama that took place in the idyllic Old Town between 18:13 and 18:47 on Wednesday night.

Victims were searched over a large area.

Throughout the afternoon and evening, police investigators worked to get an overview of the area in which the drama took place.

Otherwise, the streets were almost empty.

From some windows, some neighbors poked their heads out to see what was happening in the neighborhood.

Only a few dared to take a trip. The police have strictly ordered them to refrain.

Police investigations show that the dead and wounded were attacked in various places and that there are different crime scenes.

Forensic technicians conducted investigations both at Hyttegata on the west side of Old Town, at Myntgata in the heart of Old Town, and at Peckels Gate. Several properties within the police barricades were blocked.

But where the investigations lasted the longest was inside the Coop store in Nytorget, where police experts worked until after midnight to obtain leads.

The attack on the perpetrator and the subsequent police pursuit took place in an area with many houses, streets and alleys. This may have made it difficult to get an overview of the situation.

It is still unknown when the first police patrols arrived and if they were armed.

– We have sent messages to everyone we know, say Silje Limstrand and Gudoon Hersi. – Everybody knows everybody here in Kongsberg.

– We have sent messages to everyone who wants to know

The most important thing for many people in Kongsberg was spending much of the night on just one thing.

Call and text, and hear if your friends, family, and acquaintances were safe.

– We have sent messages to everyone we know. All of my students ride bikes and hang out here at night, Hersi says.

– Now everyone wonders who has lost his life. Is there anyone we know? Everyone knows everyone here at Kongsberg, says Limstrand.

– Then we think about the perpetrator. Do you live here in Kongsberg? Someone we met?

The two friends wonder if something can be the same as before in the old town of Kongsberg after what happened.

– It’s scary to have gone up in the middle of what happened. Later tonight, we saw on TV that we had walked all over the places where the perpetrator had been. We were too close, Hersi says.

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